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20-09-2017 | Research Article

Co-evolutionary Perspective on Sourcing Portfolios: Examining Sourcing Choices for Clinical Trials of Bio-pharmaceutical Firms

Firms in many industries are faced with challenges in effectively managing their sourcing portfolios, defined as a firm’s collection of different sourcing choices (e.g., domestic in-house, domestic outsourcing, offshore outsourcing and captive …

15-09-2017 | Research Article

Understanding When MNCs can Overcome Institutional Distance: A Research Agenda

Classic research in international business has emphasized the constraining effects of host institutions on the behavior of foreign Multinational corporations (MNCs). Meanwhile, other research shows why this type of organization may be uniquely …

30-08-2017 | Research Article Open Access

Beyond Simple Configurations: The Dual Involvement of Divisional and Corporate Headquarters in Subsidiary Innovation Activities in Multibusiness Firms

We investigate “dual headquarters involvement”, i.e., corporate and divisional headquarters’ simultaneous involvement in innovation development projects hosted by subsidiaries of multibusiness firms. Drawing on selective hierarchical involvement …

21-08-2017 | Research Article

The Effect of Corporate Political Activity on MNC Subsidiary Legitimacy: An Institutional Perspective

MNC subsidiaries engage in a variety of corporate political activities to gain legitimacy in the host country. Based on institutional theory, our study examines five types of strategies that MNC subsidiaries pursue to gain legitimacy in foreign …

21-08-2017 | Research Article

Escape FDI and the Varieties of Capitalism: Why History Matters in International Business

This paper addresses the need for a stronger perspective of history in International Business research. In order to illustrate this matter, we will discuss the topic of ‘escape FDI’ as a motive for foreign direct investments (FDIs). While prior …

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MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is a double-blind refereed journal that aims at the advancement and dissemination of research in the fields of International Management. The scope of the journal comprises International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, and Comparative Management. The journal publishes research that builds or extends International Management theory so that it can contribute to International Management practice.

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