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17-11-2017 | Research Article Open Access

The Embedding of Transnational Entrepreneurs in Diaspora Networks: Leveraging the Assets of Foreignness

In this paper we examine how foreign actors capitalize on their ethnic identity to gain skills and capabilities that enable them to operate in a new and strange environment. We explore the mechanisms by which Bulgarian entrepreneurs in London use …

17-11-2017 | Research Article

Economic Inequality, Cultural Orientation and Base-of-Pyramid Employee Performance at the MNC Subsidiary: A Multi-Case Investigation

Research to date on economic inequality and how it affects organizational employee performance is both sparse and generic in scope. Multinational corporations—in particular—can benefit from an extension of empirical inquiry which looks at economic …

17-11-2017 | Research Article

Dynamic Capabilities of Multinational Enterprises: The Dominant Logics Behind Sensing, Seizing, and Transforming Matter!

The dynamic capabilities approach explains how firms create and sustain competitive advantages in dynamic environments if they exhibit technical and evolutionary fitness. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are not only exposed to industry dynamism …

14-11-2017 | Research Article

Spatial Dependence of the FDI Entry Mode Decision: Empirical Evidence From Emerging Market Enterprises

The entry mode and location choices are two fundamental decisions made by firms after they decide to proceed with foreign direct investment (FDI). In previous studies, these two strategic concerns have usually been studied separately as …

13-11-2017 | Research Article

The Decision to Stay or Resign Following an Acquisition by a Chinese or Indian Company

This paper analyses the challenges created by the liability of foreignness and the associated country-of-origin bias and their effect on Western managers’ decisions about whether to leave following their company’s acquisition by an …

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MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is a double-blind refereed journal that aims at the advancement and dissemination of research in the fields of International Management. The scope of the journal comprises International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, and Comparative Management. The journal publishes research that builds or extends International Management theory so that it can contribute to International Management practice.

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