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23-04-2021 | Research Article Open Access

IPR Law Protection and Enforcement and the Effect on Horizontal Productivity Spillovers from Inward FDI to Domestic Firms: A Meta-analysis

We study the role of the strength of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law protection and enforcement in influencing horizontal productivity spillovers from inward FDI to domestic firms in host countries. While most WTO countries adopted strong …

21-04-2021 | Research Article

Exploring the Role of Diversity Management During Early Internationalizing Firms’ Internationalization Process

Despite their rapid internationalization, early internationalizing firms (EIFs) struggle to sustain their growth over time. Among the factors influencing their internationalization process, the diversity of human resources, and particularly its …

09-04-2021 | Research Article

The Effects of Project Scale on FDI Location Choices: Evidence from Emerging Economies

We examine the interactions of project-specific scale and country-specific economic and institutional attributes in determining inward FDI location choices in emerging economies. We study a large project-level sample with over 15,000 investments …

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MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is a double-blind refereed journal that aims at the advancement and dissemination of research in the fields of International Management. The scope of the journal comprises International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, and Comparative Management. The journal publishes research that builds or extends International Management theory so that it can contribute to International Management practice.

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