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Open Access 20-05-2022 | Research Article

Effects of Internationalization Rhythm and Speed on E-Commerce Firms’ Growth and the Role of Institutional Distances

In an increasingly digitalizing economy, e-commerce firms are known to internationalize faster and more irregularly than offline firms. However, it is important to analyze how e-commerce firms benefit from time-based internationalization decisions …

Open Access 20-05-2022 | Research Article

Accelerated Internationalization Among Inexperienced Digital Entrepreneurs: Toward a Holistic Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Model

This study explores accelerated internationalization among inexperienced digital entrepreneurs who lack resources such as prior experience, knowledge, and networks, which previous research regards as prerequisites for such growth. Following an …

Open Access 10-05-2022 | Research Article

The Effects of Timing and Order of Government Support Mechanisms for SME Exports

When small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enter export markets, they face liabilities of smallness and foreignness. Their chances of success increase if they receive some support. Thus, many governments provide some export support for SMEs …

26-04-2022 | Research Article

Relationship Between Climate Risk and Physical and Organizational Capital

We investigate the relationship between climate risk and corporate investment in physical and organizational capital using an international sample of firms from 39 countries. Our main findings show that climate risk is positively associated with …

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MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is a double-blind refereed journal that aims at the advancement and dissemination of research in the fields of International Management. The scope of the journal comprises International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, and Comparative Management. The journal publishes research that builds or extends International Management theory so that it can contribute to International Management practice.

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