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14-05-2020 | Research Article

Foreign Direct Investment to Africa: Is There a Colonial Legacy?

To provide new understanding of the effect of historical ties in the field of international business, through the lens of institutional theory and the concept of the liability of foreignness, we examine how prior colonial relationships influence …

03-04-2020 | Research Article Open Access

Strategic Decision-Making in a Global Context: The Comprehension Effect of Foreign Language Use on Cooperation

With increasing globalization comes an increasing number of people communicating in foreign languages when making strategic decisions. We develop a theoretical model in which comprehension constitutes an essential mediator for the effects of using …

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MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is a double-blind refereed journal that aims at the advancement and dissemination of research in the fields of International Management. The scope of the journal comprises International Business, Cross-Cultural Management, and Comparative Management. The journal publishes research that builds or extends International Management theory so that it can contribute to International Management practice.

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