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2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Management of Artificial Intelligence: Feasibility, Desirability and Viability

Authors: Walter Brenner, Benjamin van Giffen, Jana Koehler

Published in: Engineering the Transformation of the Enterprise

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Artificial Intelligence is evolving and being used in more and more products and applications in business and society. Research in artificial intelligence is dominated by computer science. The focus is on the development of innovative algorithms and the design of processors and storages required for different application scenarios. Numerous prototypes are developed for a wide variety of applications. Only a few of these prototypes make it into productive applications that create lasting business benefits. Discussions with numerous companies show that professional processes and structures are needed to develop and operate artificial intelligence applications. We refer to these processes and structures as management of informatics. This article describes our understanding of artificial intelligence, shows examples of concrete business benefits, lists exemplary challenges, and describes the basic processes of the management of artificial intelligence. This article is based on a comprehensive literature review as well as numerous structured and open discussions with people from applying companies and computer scientists from the academic environment who deal with artificial intelligence and its use. An extended version of the article has been published in the German Springer Essentials series titled “Bausteine eines Managements Künstlicher Intelligenz: Eine Standortbestimmung”.

Management of Artificial Intelligence: Feasibility, Desirability and Viability
Walter Brenner
Benjamin van Giffen
Jana Koehler
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