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11-08-2020 | Manufacturing | News | Article

Airbag System Housing Produced Using 3D Printing

Patrick Schäfer
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Joyson Safety Systems has produced an airbag housing using 3D printing. Together with CRP Technology, Joyson Safety Systems employed the selective laser sintering process to produce a prototype consisting of a composite material. 

Joyson Safety Systems 3D printed an airbag housing for commercial vehicles as part of a project. This US-based company manufactures active and passive safety systems. The driver's airbag housing keeps all of the passive safety equipment in place and is subject to high dynamic loads. In addition, it must anchor the airbag during and after deployment of the airbag module. 

Joyson Safety Systems used a polyamide-based, carbon-fibre-reinforced composite material from CRP Technology for the 3D printing process. After being produced using the selective laser sintering process, the driver's airbag housing was tested in a complete airbag module. There the material demonstrated very good mechanical properties in terms of high load bearing capacity and impact resistance, as well as good thermal stability in various temperature ranges.

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