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03-01-2019 | Manufacturing | News | Article

Structural Adhesive for Lightweight Construction in Aircraft Interiors

Dr. Hubert Pelc
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No other industry relies as heavily on lightweight construction as aviation: finding the perfect balance between optimum strength and minimal weight is key. Delo's new flame-retardant structural adhesive can speed up production.

Delo has developed a new, two-component epoxy resin adhesive specifically for lightweight structural joints in aircraft interiors, focusing on rapid strengthening. The Delo-Duopox AB8162 adhesive cures at room temperature, but has also been optimised for temperature-accelerated curing. For example, it takes only 15 minutes of curing to achieve functional strength (>= 10 MPa) at a temperature of 60°C, meaning components can be processed immediately after this short period. This greatly speeds up production processes. The adhesive is multi-purpose, including coating or bonding of insert fasteners. With its yellowish beige colour, it has been visually adapted to honeycomb sandwich panels frequently used in aircraft production.

According to the company, Delo-Duopox AB8162 ensures consistent high strength, even under the influence of both temperature and ageing, and features excellent resistance to media such as Skydrol, a hydraulic fluid commonly used in aviation. To ensure safety, the materials used in aircraft interiors must adhere to stringent fire protection requirements. The structural adhesive is therefore a CMR-free (non-carcinogenic/non-mutagenic/non-reprotoxic) product that complies with FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) test requirements as per CS/FAR Part 25 Section 25.853 (a)(1)(ii) and those of the Airbus standard ABD0031. In these tests, a rod-shaped sample of pure adhesive is held over a Bunsen burner flame for 12 seconds and must extinguish itself after the flame is withdrawn. The adhesive must also have low smoke density and toxicity levels.


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