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10-04-2019 | Manufacturing | News | Article

A new class of kiln furniture by 3D printing

Leyla Buchholz

3D printing is increasingly finding its way into the world of ceramics. It offers unprecedented and more efficient application possibilities. Therefore, one of the focal points at WZR ceramic solutions GmbH is the development of various additive manufacturing processes with a broad spectrum of ceramics.​​​​​​​

3D printing of ceramics also opens up new innovation potential in classic areas of application such as kiln furniture. Efficiency is particularly important here. The highest premise after quality is: (Furnace) time is money. Those who use their kilns efficiently in production, i.e. optimally fill the kiln chamber and heat up as few kiln furniture as possible, can save a significant amount of firing time, energy and ultimately money. WZR presents new approaches for kiln furniture, with which the utilization of the kiln chamber can be increased substantially.

Conventional sinter trays with a round or rectangular basic shape are rarely available in the exactly matching base area or height of the kiln used, which is no wonder given the sheer endless number of different kilns on the market. The simplest solution are custom-made sinter trays for the given furnace. WZR has designed a stackable sintering bowl with a hexagonal basic shape so that the combustion chamber can be used optimally in all directions. This allows more products to be fired in one day and several hundred furnace hours to be saved each year.

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