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29-10-2019 | Manufacturing | News | Article

Lithoz presents Incus

Leyla Buchholz

Incus, the new additive manufacturing company for metallic materials, emerged from the ceramic AM specialist Lithoz and will be presented at Formnext 2019 in November this year.

The company's Hammer series machine uses photopolymerization for the additive production of metal components. This technology combines excellent surface quality for fine structures with cost efficiency, reproducibility and increased production speed. The process uses a starting material that improves occupational safety, eliminates the need to invest in protective atmosphere solutions and provides reproducibility without complex process parameters.

Dr. Gerald Mitteramskogler, CEO of Incus, says: "With our new printer series it is not only possible to produce very small complex components with the finest surface structures, but also to use new metal powder mixtures, such as non-weldable powders. We have already seen in material development projects with our customers that we can achieve similar material properties to metal injection moulding, one of the conventional mass production processes for metal parts. We always aim to meet the challenges associated with new materials or geometries in order to evaluate our process".

Two Beta machines have been in development for over a year, and feasibility studies have shown that the technology meets expectations.

Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz, says: "When Dr. Mitteramskogler started processing metal powders based on the Lithoz technology, I was immediately fascinated by the new possibilities. I am now happy and proud to see the successful development of this new technology. We wish Gerald and his team every success and are delighted to have again contributed to the 3D hub in Vienna".

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