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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters 2-3/2020

Issue 2-3/2020

Lehmannfest honoring Don Lehmann’s 50 years at Columbia Business School

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

23-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020


Don Lehmann, Gita Johar, Eric Johnson, Oded Netzer

17-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020


Gita Venkataramani Johar, Eric Johnson, Oded Netzer

09-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

The past, present, and future of customer management

Elliot Shin Oblander, Sunil Gupta, Carl F. Mela, Russell S. Winer, Donald R. Lehmann

13-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

The past, present, and future of consumer research

Maayan S. Malter, Morris B. Holbrook, Barbara E. Kahn, Jeffrey R. Parker, Donald R. Lehmann

04-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

The past, present, and future of brand research

Travis Tae Oh, Kevin Lane Keller, Scott A. Neslin, David J. Reibstein, Donald R. Lehmann

04-07-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

The past, present, and future of marketing strategy

Sibel Sozuer, Gregory S. Carpenter, Praveen K. Kopalle, Leigh M. McAlister, Donald R. Lehmann

08-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

The past, present, and future of measurement and methods in marketing analysis

Yu Ding, Wayne S. DeSarbo, Dominique M. Hanssens, Kamel Jedidi, John G. Lynch Jr, Donald R. Lehmann

06-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

The past, present, and future of innovation research

Byung Cheol Lee, Christine Moorman, C. Page Moreau, Andrew T. Stephen, Donald R. Lehmann

10-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

Customers’ emotions in service failure and recovery: a meta-analysis

Sara Valentini, Chiara Orsingher, Alexandra Polyakova

05-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

Timing of apology after service failure: the moderating role of future interaction expectation on customer satisfaction

Kyeong Sam Min, Jae Min Jung, Kisang Ryu, Curtis Haugtvedt, Sathiadev Mahesh, John Overton

11-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

Effects of firm-, industry-, and country-level innovation on firm performance

Yufei Zhang, G. Tomas M. Hult, David J. Ketchen Jr, Roger J. Calantone

16-06-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

Boys do not cry: the negative effects of brand masculinity on brand emotions

Benjamin Boeuf

20-05-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

Touch vs. click: how computer interfaces polarize consumers’ evaluations

Xiaoyu Wang, Hean Tat Keh, Hongrui Zhao, Yijie Ai

29-05-2020 | Issue 2-3/2020

Like, Comment, or Share? Self-presentation vs. brand relationships as drivers of social media engagement choices

Kunal Swani, Lauren I. Labrecque

10-12-2019 | Issue 2-3/2020

Technical nomenclature, everyday language, and consumer inference

Ruomeng Wu, Esta D. Shah, Frank R. Kardes, Robert S. Wyer Jr

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