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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters 3/2018

Issue 3/2018

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

03-09-2018 | Issue 3/2018

A typology of brand alliances and consumer awareness of brand alliance integration

Casey E. Newmeyer, R. Venkatesh, Julie A. Ruth, Rabikar Chatterjee

06-06-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Exclusive dealing without territory exclusivity in multichannel systems: managing channel conflict and driving commitment

Alberto Sa Vinhas, Richard Gibbs

24-08-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Protecting positioning innovations: the emergence of non-traditional trademark registrations

Saurabh Mishra, Demetrios Vakratsas, Alexander V. Krasnikov

05-09-2018 | Issue 3/2018

The effect of traditionally marginalized groups in advertising on consumer response

Enrica N. Ruggs, Jennifer Ames Stuart, Linyun W. Yang

30-05-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Warmer or cooler: the influence of ambient temperature on complex choices

Luqiong Tong, Rui (Juliet) Zhu, Yuhuang Zheng, Ping Zhao

06-06-2018 | Issue 3/2018

Besting the status quo: the effect of abstract versus concrete mindsets on emotional trade-off difficulty and avoidant coping behavior

David L. Alexander, Ashley Stadler Blank

21-06-2018 | Issue 3/2018

The differentiated effect of advertising on readership: evidence from a two-sided market approach

Marc Ivaldi, Catherine Muller-Vibes

07-08-2018 | Issue 3/2018

The self-creation effect: making a product supports its mindful consumption and the consumer’s well-being

Johanna Brunneder, Utpal Dholakia

13-09-2018 | Issue 3/2018

In God we hope, in ads we believe: the influence of religion on hope, perceived ad credibility, and purchase behavior

Samer Sarofim, Frank G. Cabano

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