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Expectation-based consumer purchase decisions: behavioral modeling and observations

Expectations play important roles in consumers’ purchase decisions. Among many types of expectations, consumers often form expectations on future market conditions when purchasing goods or services. This study develops a multiple-selves …


Understanding non-fungible tokens (NFTs): insights on consumption practices and a research agenda

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have expanded beyond the cryptoart movement into the digital realm, promising a multibillion-dollar virtual ecosystem. However, marketing studies that attempt to explain this phenomenon remain nascent and even scarce. To …

Open Access 03-11-2022 | Idea Corner

Vulnerable consumers: marketing research needs to pay more attention to the brain health of consumers

We propose here that marketing research should increase consideration of the brain health of consumers, and argue that it would help both extend our current knowledge of vulnerable and other marginalised groups, as well as extend generalizability …


Bitcoin-denominated prices can reduce preference for vice products

The growing popularity of bitcoin presents novel research questions related to pricing. Unlike cheques or cards which merely function as alternative methods of payment to cash, bitcoin could also work as an alternative way to denominate prices. In …

Open Access 18-10-2022

Hollywood caught in two worlds? The impact of the Bechdel test on the international box office performance of cinematic films

The Bechdel test is increasingly used in academia as a quality indicator for the portrayal of women in films. Previous studies explored how passing the Bechdel test affects box office earnings. However, earlier considerations were all limited to …

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