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Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology

Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology
32 Volumes | 2013 - 2020


This series fosters information exchange and discussion on all aspects of materials forming, machining and tribology. This series focuses on materials forming and machining processes, namely, metal casting, rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing, sheet metal forming, microforming, hydroforming, thermoforming, incremental forming, joining, powder metallurgy and ceramics processing, shaping processes for plastics/composites, traditional machining (turning, drilling, miling, broaching, etc.), non-traditional machining (EDM, ECM, USM, LAM, etc.), grinding and others abrasive processes, hard part machining, high speed machining, high efficiency machining, micro and nanomachining, among others. The formability and machinability of all materials will be considered, including metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials, nanomaterials, special materials, etc. The series covers the full range of tribological aspects such as surface integrity, friction and wear, lubrication and multiscale tribology including biomedical systems and manufacturing processes. It also covers modelling and optimization techniques applied in materials forming, machining and tribology. Contributions to this book series are welcome on all subjects of “green” materials forming, machining and tribology. To submit a proposal or request further information, please contact Dr. Mayra Castro, Publishing Editor Applied Sciences, via or Professor J. Paulo Davim, Book Series Editor, via

All books of the series Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology

2020 | Book

Materials Forming, Machining and Post Processing

This book provides a detailed understanding of various forming, machining, and post processing techniques. Working principle, process mechanism, salient features and latest developments are primarily focused. It presents some basic and specialized …

2019 | Book

Fractal Approach to Tribology of Elastomers

This book summarizes the results of years of research on the problem of strength and fracture of polymers and elastomers. It sets out the modern approach to the strength theory from the standpoint of fractals, the kinetic and thermodynamic …

2019 | Book

Machining Difficult-to-Cut Materials

Basic Principles and Challenges

This book focus on the challenges faced by cutting materials with superior mechanical and chemical characteristics, such as hardened steels, titanium alloys, super alloys, ceramics and metal matrix composites. Aspects such as costs and appropriate …

2019 | Book

Micro and Nano Machining of Engineering Materials

Recent Developments

This book covers the recent developments in the production of micro and nano size products, which cater to the needs of the industry. The processes to produce the miniature sized products with unique characteristics are addressed. Moreover, their …

2019 | Book

Innovations in Manufacturing for Sustainability

This book provides details on the innovations made to achieve sustainability in manufacturing. It highlights the trends of current progress in research and development being done to achieve overall sustainability in manufacturing technology.

2019 | Book

Measurement in Machining and Tribology

This book presents the research advances in the science of measurement, giving special focus to the field of machining and tribology. Topics such as dimensional metrology, precision measurements, industrial metrology, accuracy and precision in …

2019 | Book

Near Net Shape Manufacturing Processes

This book covers the mechanism, salient features, and important aspects of various subtractive, additive, forming and hybrid techniques to manufacture near net-shaped products. The latest research in this area as well as possible future research …

2019 | Book

Materials and Manufacturing Processes

This book introduces the materials and traditional processes involved in the manufacturing industry. It discusses the properties and application of different engineering materials as well as the performance of failure tests. The book lists both …

2019 | Book

Micro-electrical Discharge Machining Processes

Technologies and Applications

This book offers a comprehensive collection of micro electrical discharge machining (EDM) processes, including hybrid processes. It discusses the theory behind each process and their applications in various technological as well as biomedical …

2018 | Book

Vegetable Oil based Bio-lubricants and Transformer Fluids

Applications in Power Plants

This book discusses vegetable oil based biolubricants and their applications in the power distribution industry. Vegetable oil based lubricants offer significant advantages over petroleum-based lubricants, including biodegradability …

2018 | Book

Electromagnetic Metal Forming for Advanced Processing Technologies

This book focuses on the new direction of magnetic pulsed metal working by attraction of sheet metals. In the first part, the authors focus on the magnetic pulsed pressure for forming of inner angles in the sheet metals. Part 2 of the book …

2018 | Book

Advanced Machining and Manufacturing Processes

This book covers the various advanced manufacturing processes employed by manufacturing industries to improve their productivity in terms of socio-economic development.

The authors present automated conventional and non-conventional machining …

2018 | Book

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

This textbook fosters information exchange and discussion on all aspects of introductory matters of modern mechanical engineering from a number of perspectives including: mechanical engineering as a profession, materials and manufacturing …

2017 | Book

A Brief History of Mechanical Engineering

What is mechanical engineering? What a mechanical engineering does? How did the mechanical engineering change through ages? What is the future of mechanical engineering? This book answers these questions in a lucid manner. It also provides a brief …

2017 | Book

Non-traditional Micromachining Processes

Fundamentals and Applications

This book presents a complete coverage of micromachining processes from their basic material removal phenomena to past and recent research carried by a number of researchers worldwide. Chapters on effective utilization of material resources …

2017 | Book

Sustainable Machining

This book provides an overview on current sustainable machining. Its chapters cover the concept in economic, social and environmental dimensions. It provides the reader with proper ways to handle several pollutants produced during the machining process. The book is useful on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and it is of interest to all those working with manufacturing and machining technology.

2017 | Book

Pulse Current Gas Metal Arc Welding

Characteristics, Control and Applications

This monograph is a first-of-its-kind compilation on high deposition pulse current GMAW process. The nine chapters of this monograph may serve as a comprehensive knowledge tool to use advanced welding engineering in prospective applications. The …

2017 | Book

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Modern Machining, Advanced Joining, Sustainable Manufacturing

This book provides details and collective information on working principle, process mechanism, salient features, and unique applications of various advanced manufacturing techniques and processes belong. The book is divided in three sessions covering modern machining methods, advanced repair and joining techniques and, finally, sustainable manufacturing.

2016 | Book


Research Developments

This book presents resent research advances in the area of eco-triobology. In the last years, eco-tribology or environmentally friendly tribology has gained increasing importance in sustainable engineering. Environmentally acceptable tribological pra

2016 | Book

Synergetics and Fractals in Tribology

This book examines the theoretical and practical aspects of tribological process using synergy, fractal and multifractal methods, and the fractal and multifractal models of self-similar tribosystems developed on their basis. It provides a comprehensi