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2015 | Book Series

Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology

48 Volumes | 2013 - 2024


This series fosters information exchange and discussion on all aspects of materials forming, machining and tribology. This series focuses on materials forming and machining processes, namely, metal casting, rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing, sheet metal forming, microforming, hydroforming, thermoforming, incremental forming, joining, powder metallurgy and ceramics processing, shaping processes for plastics/composites, traditional machining (turning, drilling, miling, broaching, etc.), non-traditional machining (EDM, ECM, USM, LAM, etc.), grinding and others abrasive processes, hard part machining, high speed machining, high efficiency machining, micro and nanomachining, among others. The formability and machinability of all materials will be considered, including metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials, nanomaterials, special materials, etc. The series covers the full range of tribological aspects such as surface integrity, friction and wear, lubrication and multiscale tribology including biomedical systems and manufacturing processes. It also covers modelling and optimization techniques applied in materials forming, machining and tribology. Contributions to this book series are welcome on all subjects of “green” materials forming, machining and tribology. To submit a proposal or request further information, please contact Dr. Mayra Castro, Publishing Editor Applied Sciences, via or Professor J. Paulo Davim, Book Series Editor, via