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28-06-2018 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Metal-ceramic substrate for power electronics

Wiebke Sanders

Silicon nitride is a widely used material in the semiconductor and electronics industries. With the AMB silicon nitride substrate (Si3N4), a new metal-ceramic substrate has now been developed that offers a number of advantages compared to other metal-ceramic substrates.

It is an active metal brazed silicon nitride substrate, which offers a variety of benefits compared to other metal ceramic substrates. It is vested with excellent mechanical properties ensuring high bending strength and high fracture toughness. Furthermore, it offers outstanding thermal conductivity for heat dissipation and is therefore ideal for high-performance power electronic modules used in automotive, energy and traction applications.

It was developed by Heraeus Electronics under the brand name (AMB- Si3N4) and belongs to the Condura substrate family. The company offers numerous material solutions for the semiconductor and electronics industry. AMB stands for Active Metal Brazing.

E-mobility drives demand

Power electronic modules are in particular needed for the growing e-mobility market. With an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles, the industry is demanding efficient, economical, and reliable power electronic components. It is expected that demand for silicon nitride ceramic

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