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04-06-2019 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Mixing as in practice

Leyla Buchholz

Liebherr develops laboratory mixers with which the same load and movement sequences can be realised as in practical application. This reduces the amount of testing involved in the development of new formulas and in quality control. Tests with the new mixers can be carried out in the company's own technical centre.


The further development of mixing products to achieve new properties or improved qualities and to make manufacturing processes more efficient are challenges that require new approaches. Deeper insights into the process relationships that have to be mastered in a product-specific manner for a mixing task are necessary. Liebherr combines testing and practice with a modern, computer-aided simulation technique. The aim is to gain a better understanding of what processes take place in a mixer and which process engineering processes are necessary to achieve the desired product properties.

In a laboratory mixer, for example, it is crucial that the mixing result does not differ from that of a large mixer. When developing new laboratory mixers, Liebherr therefore focused on ensuring that the same load and movement sequences are achieved as in practice. Laboratory mixers reduce the amount of testing required, enable systematic solutions to be found and provide a sound basis for decision-making. This technology enables developers of new formulations or quality monitoring facilities to carry out their own practical tests.  Liebherr developes twin-shaft mixers for distributive mixing, twin-shaft intensive mixers for higher shear rates with mixing shaft speeds of up to 600 rpm and ring pan intensive laboratory mixers for demanding dispersion tasks. The control system enables a subdivision of the test sequence into individual sections and the integration of different sensor systems for temperature, moisture measurement, rotational speed and force measurements. These laboratory mixers are available for trials in Liebherr's technical center. In addition, validation tests on mixers of practical dimensions can be carried out there.

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