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10-09-2018 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Refractories for the Steel Industry

Wiebke Sanders
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theramer GmbH has further strengthened its position by investing in its own research and development laboratory and by expanding its product portfolio of refractory and prefabricated materials. 

Founded in 2006 in Schwelm, Germany, the company theramer specializes in two areas: It produces and sells refractory prefabricated components for the steel producing industry and for foundries. It has also developed refractory concretes for the steel industry. Concrete formulations can be mixed individually for each customer.

The company, which belongs to the internationally positioned VGH Group, reported in a recently published announcement on a very successful past year. The product portfolio of refractory and precast materials has continued to grow and the variety of blast furnace materials in particular has convinced customers from all over the world.

theramer GmbH particularly emphasized, that test results in German blast furnaces turned out very positive. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the company's reliability, the "theramer" brand has a firm place in the market. The highlight of the year was a full lining in an overseas steelworks. Thus theramer GmbH could underline their authority and experience and prove optimal customer service.

In order to offer new products tailored to the customers, theramer GmbH invests in its own research and development laboratory. In addition, a zero-defect tolerance in the quality of all products should be guaranteed at all times.

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