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05-02-2020 | Materials | News | Article

Nissan Introduces New Acoustic Meta-Material for Insulation

Patrick Schäfer
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At CES 2020, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is presenting a very light meta-material for sound insulation. It is also showcasing its new twin-motor concept for electric vehicles.

In Las Vegas, Nissan is presenting a new acoustic meta-material which is suitable for insulation against noise from roads and engines and motors in any type of drive. The material consists of a lattice structure and a plastic sheet. This is intended to control air vibrations and reduce noise in a wide frequency range of 500 to 1,200 hertz. The new material weighs only a quarter of the heavy rubber plates which have been used up to now. This reduces the vehicle's weight and in turn reduces consumption. The simple structure of the insulation mats supports an economical series production.

In addition, the Japanese manufacturer is showcasing its electric all-wheel drive "E-4orce" with its twin-motor concept. The use of front and rear-mounted motors is intended to prevent pitching and heaving movements during recuperation, and to increase the vehicle dynamics due to improved torque distribution. Nissan is presenting the drive at CES in the electric crossover Nissan Ariya Concept and in another prototype.

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