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Mathematical Engineering

Mathematical Engineering
40 Volumes | 2009 - 2019


Today, the development of high-tech systems is unthinkable without mathematical modeling and analysis of system behavior. As such, many fields in the modern engineering sciences (e.g. control engineering, communications engineering, mechanical engineering, and robotics) call for sophisticated mathematical methods in order to solve the tasks at hand.

The series Mathematical Engineering presents new or heretofore little-known methods to support engineers in finding suitable answers to their questions, presenting those methods in such manner as to make them ideally comprehensible and applicable in practice.

Therefore, the primary focus is – without neglecting mathematical accuracy – on comprehensibility and real-world applicability.

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All books of the series Mathematical Engineering

2019 | Book

Resonant Scattering and Generation of Waves

Cubically Polarizable Layers

This monograph deals with theoretical aspects and numerical simulations of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with nonlinear materials. It focuses in particular on media with nonlinear polarization properties. It addresses the direct …

2019 | Book

Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers

With Applications to Continuum Mechanics

This is the fifth and revised edition of a well-received textbook that aims at bridging the gap between the engineering course of tensor algebra on the one hand and the mathematical course of classical linear algebra on the other hand. In …

2018 | Book

Strong Nonlinear Oscillators

Analytical Solutions

This textbook presents the motion of pure nonlinear oscillatory systems and various solution procedures which give the approximate solutions of the strong nonlinear oscillator equations. It presents the author’s original method for the analytical …

2018 | Book

Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Non-Ideal Excitation

In this book the dynamics of the non-ideal oscillatory system, in which the excitation is influenced by the response of the oscillator, is presented. Linear and nonlinear oscillators with one or more degrees of freedom interacting with one or more …

2018 | Book

Randomness and Hyper-randomness

The monograph compares two approaches that describe the statistical stability phenomenon – one proposed by the probability theory that ignores violations of statistical stability and another proposed by the theory of hyper-random phenomena that …

2018 | Book

Non-equilibrium Evaporation and Condensation Processes

Analytical Solutions

This monograph presents a comprehensive treatment of analytical solutions to problems in the area of non-equilibrium evaporation and condensation processes. The book covers, among others, topics such as systems of conversation equations for …

2018 | Book

Stochastic Finite Element Methods

An Introduction

The book provides a self-contained treatment of stochastic finite element methods. It helps the reader to establish a solid background on stochastic and reliability analysis of structural systems and enables practicing engineers to better manage …

2017 | Book

Traffic Networks as Information Systems

A Viability Approach

This authored monograph covers a viability to approach to traffic management by advising to vehicles circulated on the network the velocity they should follow for satisfying global traffic conditions;. It presents an investigation of three …

2017 | Book

Analytical Solutions for Transport Processes

Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer

This book provides analytical solutions to a number of classical problems in transport processes, i.e. in fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer. Expanding computing power and more efficient numerical methods have increased the importance of …

2017 | Book

Tensor Analysis and Elementary Differential Geometry for Physicists and Engineers

This book comprehensively presents topics, such as Dirac notation, tensor analysis, elementary differential geometry of moving surfaces, and k-differential forms. Additionally, two new chapters of Cartan differential forms and Dirac and tensor …

2017 | Book

Paradoxes in Aerohydrodynamics

This book, on the general topic of hydroaerodynamics, investigates a number of exciting applications in this field, addressing specifically issues that allow seemingly paradoxical issues to be dealt with.

The first part is devoted to the study of …

2017 | Book

Theory of Periodic Conjugate Heat Transfer

This book provides a detailed yet comprehensive presentation of the theory of periodic conjugate heat transfer. It contains an analytical approach to the effects of thermophysical and geometrical properties of a solid body on the experimentally …

2017 | Book

The Statistical Stability Phenomenon

This monograph investigates violations of statistical stability of physical events, variables, and processes and develops a new physical-mathematical theory taking into consideration such violations – the theory of hyper-random phenomena. There …

2017 | Book

Finite Element Methods

A Practical Guide

This book presents practical applications of the finite element method to general differential equations. The underlying strategy of deriving the finite element solution is introduced using linear ordinary differential equations, thus allowing the …

2017 | Book

Modern Aspects of Josephson Dynamics and Superconductivity Electronics

In this book new experimental investigations of properties of Josephson junctions and systems are explored with the help of recent developments in superconductivity. The theory of the Josephson effect is presented taking into account the influence …

2017 | Book

Dimensional Analysis for Engineers

This monograph provides the fundamentals of dimensional analysis and illustrates the method by numerous examples for a wide spectrum of applications in engineering. The book covers thoroughly the fundamental definitions and the Buckingham theorem …

2017 | Book

Dynamics of Liquid Solidification

Thermal Resistance of Contact Layer

This monograph comprehensively describes phenomena of heat flow during phase change as well as the dynamics of liquid solidification, i.e. the development of a solidified layer. The book provides the reader with basic knowledge for practical …

2017 | Book

Viscous Flows

Stretching and Shrinking of Surfaces

This authored monograph provides a detailed discussion of the boundary layer flow due to a moving plate. The topical focus lies on the 2- and 3-dimensional case, considering axially symmetric and unsteady flows. The author derives a criterion for …

2017 | Book

Partial Differential Equations

Mathematical Techniques for Engineers

This monograph presents a graduate-level treatment of partial differential equations (PDEs) for engineers. The book begins with a review of the geometrical interpretation of systems of ODEs, the appearance of PDEs in engineering is motivated by …

2016 | Book

Modelling of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Rotating Flows

This monograph presents results of the analytical and numerical modeling of convective heat and mass transfer in different rotating flows caused by (i) system rotation, (ii) swirl flows due to swirl generators, and (iii) surface curvature in turns a