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Mathematics in Computer Science

Mathematics in Computer Science 3/2012

Issue 3/2012

Special Focus on Mathematics and Algorithms for CAM and CNC

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Codes as Fractals and Noncommutative Spaces

Matilde Marcolli, Christopher Perez

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Efficient Arithmetic in Successive Algebraic Extension Fields Using Symmetries

Sébastien Orange, Guénaël Renault, Kazuhiro Yokoyama

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Semantics of OpenMath and MathML3

Michael Kohlhase, Florian Rabe

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

On Computing the Convex Hull of (Piecewise) Curved Objects

Franz Aurenhammer, Bert Jüttler

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Foreword to the Special Focus on Mathematics and Algorithms for CAM and CNC

Hongbo Li, Rida T. Farouki, Dingkang Wang

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Trajectory Planning in Robotics

Alessandro Gasparetto, Paolo Boscariol, Albano Lanzutti, Renato Vidoni

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Power Series Solution for Isoscallop Tool Path Generation on Free-form Surface with Ball-end Cutter

Hongbo Li, Shoubin Yao, Ge Li, Yuanjie Liu, Lixian Zhang

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

The DG/K-Based Approach for Synthesizing of CAM System for Sculptured Surface Machining on Multi-Axis NC Machine

Stephen P. Radzevich

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Curvature-Based Real-Time NURBS Surface Interpolator with Look-Ahead ACC/DEC Control

Yongqing Wang, Haibo Liu, Sennan Yu

01-09-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Discrete Interpolation of G01 Codes in 2D Machining under Bounded Accelerations

Hongbo Li, Xiaoshan Gao, Lixian Zhang, Ruiyong Sun

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