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Mathematical Multidimensional Modelling and Structural Artificial Intelligence Pipelines Provide Insights for the Designing of Highly Specific AntiSARS-CoV2 Agents

COVID19 is the most impactful pandemic of recent times worldwide. It is a highly infectious disease that is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2 virus), To date there is specific drug nor vaccination against …


Linear k-arboricity of Caylay Graphs on Abelian Groups with Given Degree

A linear k-forest is a forest whose components are paths of length at most k. The linear k-arboricity of a graph G, denoted by $$\mathrm{la}_k(G)$$ la k ( G ) , is the least number of linear k-forests needed to decompose G. In this paper we study …


Phylogenetics of Indo-European Language Families via an Algebro-Geometric Analysis of Their Syntactic Structures

Using Phylogenetic Algebraic Geometry, we analyze computationally the phylogenetic tree of subfamilies of the Indo-European language family, using data of syntactic structures. The two main sources of syntactic data are the SSWL database and …


Factorials Experiments, Covering Arrays, and Combinatorial Testing

In the twenty-first century, our life will increasingly depend on software-based products and complex interconnected systems. Thus, the quality and security of software-based systems is a world-wide concern. Combinatorial testing is a versatile …


Computing the Topology of Voronoï Diagrams of Parallel Half-Lines

In this paper we consider the Voronoï diagram of a finite family of parallel half-lines, with the same orientation, constrained to a compact domain $${\mathscr {D}}_{0} \subset {\mathbb {R}}^3$$ D 0 ⊂ R 3 , with respect to the Euclidean distance.

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