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01-06-2015 | Issue 2/2015 Open Access

Journal of Modern Transportation 2/2015

Measurement methods and analysis tools for rail irregularities: a case study for urban tram track

Journal of Modern Transportation > Issue 2/2015
Laura Chiacchiari, Giuseppe Loprencipe


Rail irregularities, in particular for urban railway infrastructures, are one of the main causes for the generation of noise and vibrations. In addition, repetitive loading may also lead to decay of the structural elements of the rolling stock. This further causes an increase in maintenance costs and reduction of service life. Monitoring these defects on a periodic basis enables the network rail managers to apply proactive measures to limit further damage. This paper discusses the measurement methods for rail corrugation with particular regard to the analysis tools for evaluating the thresholds of acceptability in relation to the tramway Italian transport system. Furthermore, a method of analysis has been proposed: an application of the methodology used for treating road profiles has been also utilized for the data processing of rail profilometric data.
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