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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 10/2020

Issue 10/2020

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

06-02-2020 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 10/2020

Get 20–2014: State Primary Standard of Unit of Activity and Unit of Volume Activity of Nuclides in Beta-Active Gases

V. V. Aleikin, S. G. Biryukov, O. I. Kovalenko, A. A. Orlov, P. I. Solodskikh

07-02-2020 | FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS IN METROLOGY | Issue 10/2020

Cosmological Distance Scale. Part 9. Deceleration Parameter

S. F. Levin


The Problem of Determining and Adjusting the Inter-Calibration Intervals of Measuring Instruments

A. G. Chunovkina, A. I. Pokhodun, V. Sh. Sulaberidze

11-02-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Identification of Faults in the Sensors of Technical Systems with the use of Sliding Mode Observers

A. N. Zhirabok, A. V. Zuev, A. E. Shumskii

05-02-2020 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2020

Development of an Algorithm to Suppress Frequency Splitting of an Axisymmetric Resonator of a Wave Solid-State Gyroscope with Optical Detection

V. I. Busurin, M. A. Zheglov, L. A. Shleenkin, K. A. Korobkov, R. P. Bulychev

06-02-2020 | ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2020

Method for Determining the Complete Set of Constants of the Polarized Piezoceramics for a Single Ring-Shaped Sample

V. V. Madorsky, I. E. Rogov

06-02-2020 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2020

Methods for Determining the Angular Coordinates and Locations of Radio Sources in Unmanned Monitoring Systems and Experimental Estimates of the Accuracy of these Parameters

E. A. Zhidko, S. N. Razin’kov

05-02-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Ground-Penetrating Radar Inspection to Determine the Characteristics of Commercial Wood and Concrete Structures

E. L. Shoshin

08-02-2020 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2020

Verification of the Hypothesis of Compliance of the Errors of the Results of Analyses of Oil Products to the Normal Distribution Law for a Random Variable

K. V. Shatalov, A. D. Cherepanova

07-02-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Reference Gas Mixtures of Formaldehyde in Nitrogen: Preparation by a Dynamic Gravimetric Method

L. A. Konopel’ko, O. V. Efremova, R. L. Kadis, A. Yu. Klimov, A. V. Kolobova, A. V. Mal’ginov, Ya. K. Chubchenko

06-02-2020 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 10/2020

Features of Measuring the Electrical Conductivity of Distilled Water in Contact with Air

I. M. Ageev, Yu. M. Rybin

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