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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 10/2021

Issue 10/2021

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

23-01-2021 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 10/2021

First-Class State Working Standard of Units of Wavelength in the Range from 1.25 to 20.00 μm and of Wavenumber in the Range from 500 to 8000 cm–1

A. Yu. Dunaev, V. S. Bormashov, S. P. Morozova, V. R. Gavrilov

22-02-2021 | FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS IN METROLOGY | Issue 10/2021

Cosmological Distance Scale. Part 10. Universal Anisotropy

S. F. Levin

21-01-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Dimensions of Plane and Solid Angles and Their Units in the International System of Units (SI)

M. I. Kalinin, L. K. Isaev, F. V. Bulygin

21-01-2021 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2021

Jitter Measurement Technique for Image-Converter Streak Cameras

M. V. Kanzyuba, V. B. Lebedev

23-01-2021 | MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2021

Dependence of the Characteristics of a High-Pressure Piston Pair on the Properties of PES-3 Working Fluid and the Pressure Distribution in the Piston-Cylinder Gap

A. E. Aslanyan

30-01-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Measurement of the Component-by-Component Flow Rate of a Gas-Liquid Medium by the Thermal Method

M. M. Belyaev, A. I. Popov

23-01-2021 | ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2021

A Study of High Transient Voltage Unit Realization Uncertainty

A. V. Sukhov, K. Yu. Sakharov, Yu. M. Zolotarevsky, O. V. Mikheev, V. A. Turkin

29-01-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Simulation of Sensitive Element Found on Planar Mushroom-Shaped Metamaterial for Nondestructive Testing and Searching for Inhomogeneities in Technological Media

A. A. Yelizarov, A. A. Skuridin, E. A. Zakirova

21-01-2021 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 10/2021

Using an Automated Complex Micron to Determine Measurement Error of Microwave Radio Interferometers

D. E. Bezrukov, N. S. Kornev, N. A. Makarichev, K. V. Mineev, A. V. Nazarov, D. A. Tregubenko

29-01-2021 | Issue 10/2021

Measurement of the Inner Dimensions of Microwave Cavity Resonators

V. N. Egorov, E. Yu. Tokareva, Le Quang Tuyen

28-01-2021 | Author Correction | Issue 10/2021

Correction to: Spectral, Dosimetric, and Metrological Characteristics of Radiochromic Radiation-Sensitive Compositions

V. P. Tenishev

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