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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 11/2020

Issue 11/2020

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

10-03-2020 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 11/2020

GET 183-2019: State Primary Special Standard of the Unit of Length in the Field of Measurements of the Parameters of Deviations of Optical Surfaces from Flatness

D. A. Novikov, E. A. Milovanova, N. V. Ivannikova, N. A. Tabachnikova


Definitional Uncertainty and Error of Inadequacy

S. F. Levin

11-03-2020 | Issue 11/2020

Dependencies Between Histogram Parameters and the Kernel Estimate of the Probability Density of a Multidimensional Random Variable

A. V. Lapko, V. A. Lapko

13-03-2020 | LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

The use of Morphological Filtration in the Problem of Diagnosing the State of the Surface of a Cutting Tool

D. A. Masterenko, E. S. Skoptsov

11-03-2020 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

Error Estimate for Lidar Measurements of Concentration during Probing of Atmospheric Mixtures of Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane Molecules

V. E. Privalov, V. G. Shemanin

10-03-2020 | TIME AND FREQUENCY MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

Metrological Support of Generation 5g Communication Networks

R. I. Balaev, I. Yu. Blinov, A. N. Malimon, M. L. Shvarts

11-03-2020 | THERMOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

Express Analysis of the Dependence of the Critical Temperature of Superconducting Film on its Thickness

А. V. Merenkov, V. I. Chichkov, S. V. Shitov

12-03-2020 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

Construction of Two-Dimensional Regression Models of the Current-voltage Characteristics of the Output Current of Field-Effect Transistors Using the PLExp Information System

N. Yu. Baturina, I. V. Kalienko

12-03-2020 | ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

Experimental Estimation of the Sources of Measurement Uncertainty of the Total Power of an Ultrasound Beam in Water by the Method of Plane Scanning of the Beam Cross Section

A. M. Enyakov, S. I. Kuznetsov, G. S. Lukin

12-03-2020 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 11/2020

Method of Spectral Ellipsometric Evaluation of the Phase Composition of Multilayer Films and Metal-Oxide Structures in the Process of their Growth

D. N. Tyurin, V. A. Kotenev, A. Yu. Tsivadze

12-03-2020 | Issue 11/2020

Evaluation of the Zr, Y, and Gd Contents in Targets for Magnetron Spraying of Heat-Shielding Coatings Based on Zirconium

F. N. Karachevtsev, R. M. Dvoretskov, E. A. Mikheeva

19-03-2020 | Correction | Issue 11/2020

Correction to: “Measuring the Speed of Data Exchange in Memory Cards Using Programmable Logic Integrated Circuits”

E. V. Kostikova, S. A. Seliverstov, Ya. A. Seliverstov, Sh. S. Fahmi

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