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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 12/2020

Issue 12/2020

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )


Normalization of Measurement Error of Devices Over a Broad Range of Measurements

O. S. Tsybul’skii

13-04-2020 | LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Criteria for Estimating the Quality of Coordinate Measurements of the Geometric Parameters of Parts in Experimental Pilot-Scale Production

N. Yu. Bobrovskaya, M. F. Danilov

14-04-2020 | MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Use of Results of Indirect Measurements in Problems of Calculating Total Household Consumption of Hot Water

A. N. Vinogradov

13-04-2020 | THERMOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Application of a Pyrometer and Standard Sample to Determine The Surface Temperature of Materials Under Study

V. Ya Mendeleev, V. A. Petrov, A. V. Yashin, A. I. Vangonen, O. K. Taganov

14-04-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Reduced Emissivity – A Factor for Precision in Pyrometric Measurements

V. P. Khodunkov

14-04-2020 | ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Experimental Determination of the Complete Set of Constants for a Polarized Piezoceramic Using a Single Ring-Shaped Specimen

V. V. Madorsky, I. E. Rogov, A. V. Skrylev

20-04-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Algorithm for Indirect Measurement of the Parameters of the Passive Complex Conductivity of a Two-Terminal Circuit in a Multipole Electrical Circuit

A. I. Nefed’ev, G. I. Sharonov, V. G. Sharonova

13-04-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Measurement of the Coordinates of Radio Emission at High Frequencies by Goniometric and Goniometric-Range Finding Methods

S. N. Rаzinkоv, Е. А. Rеshetnyak, E. А. Zhidko

14-04-2020 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Method for Estimating the Latent Correlation of Narrowband Noise Signals

E. I. Chernov, N. E. Sobolev, A. A. Bondarchuk, L. E. Aristarkhova

21-04-2020 | ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Method for Measuring the Indicator of Acoustic Quality of Audio Recordings Prepared for Registration and Processing in the Unified Biometric System

V. V. Savchenko, A. V. Savchenko


Analysis of Parameters for Smoothing Electrocardiographic Signals

A. A. Fedotov

13-04-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Metrological Support of Individual Blood Glucose Meters in Telemedicine

Yu. F. Glukhov, N. V. Krutikov, A. V. Ivanov, N. P. Muravskaya

15-04-2020 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 12/2020

Determination of the Composition and Concentrations of the Components of Mixtures of Hydrocarbon Media in the Course of its Express Analysis

V. V. Davydov, N. S. Myazin, N. M. Grebenikova, V. I. Dudkin

16-04-2020 | Issue 12/2020

Identification of the Transient Response of a Capacitive Relative Humidity Sensor

V. I. Kaplya, E. V. Kaplya, A. A. Silaev

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