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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 4/2020

Issue 4/2020

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

05-08-2020 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 4/2020

Expanding the Range of Reproduction of the Magnetic Induction of a Constant Field of Get 12–2011, the State Primary Standard of the Unit of Magnetic Induction, Unit of Magnetic Flux, Unit of Magnetic Moment, and Unit of Magnetic Induction Gradient

V. Ya. Shifrin, D. I. Belyakov, A. E. Shilov, D. D. Kosenkov

03-08-2020 | LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS | Issue 4/2020

Contactless System of Measurement of Waviness for Laser Destructuring of Metallic Surfaces

O. M. Oreshkin, V. A. Khloponin, D. V. Panov, D. V. Ushakov

03-08-2020 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 4/2020

Reliability of Results of Measurements of Air Pollution by Solid Particles by the Method of Detection of Scattered Laser Radiation

A. K. Mariselvam, K. Padmanabhan, S. Sivanesan

12-08-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Quantum Tomograph for Measurement and Characterization of Quantum States of Biphoton Sources

D. N. Frolovtsev, S. A. Magnitskiy, A. V. Demin

04-08-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Certification of a Two-Channel Automated Infrared Image Synthesis System for Testing Array Photodetectors

A. G. Verhoglyad, A. V. Soldatenko, A. G. Elesin, V. M. Vedernikov, M. F. Stupak, S. A. Kokarev, S. N. Makarov, V. N. Seroshtan, Yu. I. Belousov, E. S. Postnikov

04-08-2020 | MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 4/2020

Analysis of the Influence of Sizes of a Vessel with a Liquid on the Readings of Brookfield Viscometer

S. V. Mischenko, M. M. Mordasov, A. P. Savenkov, V. A. Sychev

03-08-2020 | ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 4/2020

Electrical Quantum Metrology Standard for the Synthesis of Ac Voltages

A. S. Katkov, V. E. Lovtsyus, A. I. Bykov, V. I. Shevtsov, A. N. Petrovskaya, R. Behr, O. F. Kieler

04-08-2020 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 4/2020

Calibration of a Tri-Band Microwave Radiometric System with Background Noise Compensation

E. V. Fedoseeva, G. G. Shchukin, I. N. Rostokin

04-08-2020 | Issue 4/2020

Low-Noise Hybrid Frequency Synthesizers Based on Direct Digital and Direct Analog Synthesis

V. V. Romashov, K. A. Yakimenko, A. N. Doktorov, L. V. Romashova

04-08-2020 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 4/2020

Creation of Certified Reference Material of Ascorbic Acid Composition

M. P. Krasheninina, O. S. Shokhina, A. S. Sergeeva, T. N. Tabatchikova, V. B. Baranovskaya, Yu. A. Karpov


Reference Materials of Composition of Biologically Active Substances

E. V. Kuliabina, A. N. Tevyashova, S. E. Solov’eva, O. N. Melkova, E. A. Guskova

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