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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 7/2019

Issue 7/2019

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

21-11-2019 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 7/2019

State Primary Standard of the Unit of Absorbed Dose and Unit of Absorbed Dose Rate of Beta Radiation in Tissue-Equivalent Material Get 9-2018

S. A. Fedina, A. V. Oborin, A. Yu. Villevalde, E. N. Rumyantseva, S. G. Trofimchuk

18-11-2019 | Issue 7/2019

State Primary Special Standard of the Unit of Absorbed Dose Rate of Intense Photon, Electron, and Beta Radiation for Radiation Technologies get 209-2014

V. V. Aleikin, V. V. Generalova, A. A. Gromov, O. I. Kovalenko


Monitoring the Accuracy Characteristics of an Automatic System for Determining Astronomical Azimuth

S. B. Berkovich, N. I. Kotov, A. Yu. Makhaev, S. E. Chernyshev, A. V. Sholokhov, N. V. Kuz’mina, S. V. Gaivoronskii

20-11-2019 | LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS | Issue 7/2019

Development of Algorithms and Programs for Constructing Reference Cylinders for Analysis of Deviations from Cylindricity

B. N. Markov, O. N. Melikova, S. E. Ped’

18-11-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Modular Multi-Turn Gear Angular Position Encoder

V. A. Mozzhechkov

20-11-2019 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 7/2019

Measurements of High Power Levels of Laser Radiation by Pass-Through Receivers

A. V. Plotnikov, A. M. Raitsin, M. V. Ulanovskii

21-11-2019 | MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 7/2019

Numerical and Full-Scale Study of Measurement Errors of the Frequency Response of Vibration Isolators

L. A. Varzhitskii, N. V. Chertykovtseva

18-11-2019 | ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 7/2019

The Use of Projection Methods of Multivariate Analysis in Eddy Current Thickness Measurement

A. V. Egorov, V. V. Polyakov, Ya. I. Bortsova

20-11-2019 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 7/2019

Digital Method for Determining the Initial Phase of a Harmonic Signal at a Sampling Frequency Less Than the Nyquist Frequency

Yu. N. Lazo, V. S. Tutygin

18-11-2019 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 7/2019

Efficiency of the Method of Aspiration Capacitor for the Verification and Calibration of Instruments Aimed at Measuring the Electric Conductivity of Air

V. I. Dobrovol’skii, S. V. Kolerskii, P. N. Zubkov, N. V. Nechaev

18-11-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Investigation of Sorption Microsystems as Reference Samples of Volatile Organic Compounds

I. A. Platonov, I. N. Kolesnichenko, E. A. Novikova, L. V. Pavlova

21-11-2019 | INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION | Issue 7/2019

Results of the Coomet 646/Ru/14 Pilot Comparison of National Standards of the Unit of Sound Oscillation Velocity of Water Particles

A. E. Isaev, A. N. Matveev, G. S. Nekrich, Chen Yi, Fei Teng, Jia Guanghui

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