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Measurement Techniques

Measurement Techniques 8/2019

Issue 8/2019

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

29-11-2019 | STATE STANDARDS | Issue 8/2019

State Primary Standard of the Unit of Activity of Radionuclides, Unit of Specific Activity of Radionuclides, and Unit of Flux of Alpha and Beta Particles and of Photons of Radionuclide Sources Get 6–2016

I. V. Alekseev, A. V. Zanevskii, G. V. Zhukov, N. N. Moiseev, S. V. Sepman, E. E. Tereshchenko, S. G. Trofimchuk, I. A. Kharitonov, T. I. Shil’nikova


Fast Selection of Blur Coefficients in a Multidimensional Nonparametric Pattern Recognition Algorithm

A. V. Lapko, V. A. Lapko

01-12-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Numerical Differentiation in the Measurement Model

A. P. Loktionov

29-11-2019 | NANOMETROLOGY | Issue 8/2019

Application of Atomic-Force Microscopy for Nanoindentation of the Surface Layer of Filled Polymer Films

T. R. Aslamazova, V. I. Zolotarevskii, V. A. Kotenev, A. Yu. Tsivadze


Gem Color Determination: From Visual Analysis to Instrumental Evaluation

A. N. Chertov, E. V. Gorbunova, A. S. Kushkoeva, A. A. Alekhin, V. S. Peretyagin, N. A. Pavlenko, E. A. Sycheva

29-11-2019 | LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS | Issue 8/2019

The Effect of Errors of the Form and Position of the Base Surfaces of a Composite Axisymmetric Body on the Size of an Adjacent Contour

A. S. Yamnikov, E. N Rodionova, O. A. Yamnikova, I. A. Matveev

01-12-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Relief-Frequency Characteristics of Laser Scanners

V. A. Solomatin, D. A. Balabanova

30-11-2019 | OPTOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 8/2019

Optoelectronic Measuring Systems for High-Voltage Installations Based on Photovoltaic Converters

А. А. Sokolovskii

29-11-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Hardware-Software Complex for the Investigation of the Dynamic Characteristics of Separate Spectral Components of the Emission Spectrum of Leds

О. А. Radaev, V. А. Sergeev, I. V. Frolov

29-11-2019 | THERMOPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 8/2019

Determination of the Thermal Diffusivity of Materials by a Nondestructive Express Method with the Use of Step-By-Step Local Heating of the Surface and High-Speed Thermography

D. Yu. Golovin, A. G. Divin, A. A. Samodurov, A. I. Tyurin, Yu. I. Golovin

01-12-2019 | ELECTROMAGNETIC MEASUREMENTS | Issue 8/2019

Application of Magnetic Information Parameters for Nondestructive Testing of the Hardness of Medium-Carbon Alloy Steels

S. G. Sandomirski

02-12-2019 | RADIO MEASUREMENTS | Issue 8/2019

Measurement of DC and AC Response Curves of a Bipolar Transistor as a Function of Frequency

A. A. Titkov, A. L. Khvalin

01-12-2019 | Issue 8/2019

Portable Meter for Measuring the Modulus of the Reflectivity of Various Material Objects Over a Broad High-Frequency Band

A. V. Filatov, N. A. Filatov

01-12-2019 | PHYSICOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS | Issue 8/2019

Determination of Impurities in Magnesium Alloys by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

A. V. Alekseev, P. V. Yakimovich

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