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Issue 1/2023

Self-propelled robots: from theory to application

Content (17 Articles)

An element-based homogenized model for nonlinear wave interaction with 2D distributed microcracks

Yulin Sun, Chen Xing, Chao Zhang, Chongcong Tao, Hongli Ji, Jinhao Qiu

Open Access

Numerical analysis of a problem of elasticity with several dissipation mechanisms

Noelia Bazarra, José R. Fernández, Ramón Quintanilla

Crystal plasticity study of stress overshoot during high-strain rate deformation

Wen An, Zhaoquan Zeng, Qi-lin Xiong, Minsheng Huang, Zhenhuan Li

Open Access

Analysis of the compressible, isotropic, neo-Hookean hyperelastic model

Attila Kossa, Megan T. Valentine, Robert M. McMeeking

Optimal synthesis of a spatial RRSS mechanism for path generation

Wenrui Liu, Yi Zhao, Tao Qin, Bo Li, Cong Wang, Jianwei Sun

Dynamic analysis of an electromagnetic vibration absorber in a non-ideal system

Eduardo Abuhamad Petrocino, José Manoel Balthazar, Ângelo Marcelo Tusset, Paulo José Paupitz Gonçalves, Marcos Silveira

Dynamic modeling of a class of parallel-serial mechanisms by the principle of virtual work

Xingchao Zhang, Hongbo Wang, Yu Rong, Jianye Niu, Junjie Tian, Shanshan Li

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