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Meccanica 7/2019

Issue 7/2019

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

17-05-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Nonlinear vibrations, bifurcations and chaos of lattice sandwich composite panels on Winkler–Pasternak elastic foundations with thermal effects in supersonic airflow

Yuyang Chai, Fengming Li, Zhiguang Song

23-05-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Influences of wear on dynamic characteristics of angular contact ball bearings

Jianguo Gu, Yimin Zhang, Haiyang Liu

23-04-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Aerodynamic assessment of a rotary entry vehicle for Mars landing: an experimental analysis

Dario Modenini, Alessandro Rossetti, Alessandro Talamelli

20-06-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Effects of flexible bottom on radiation of water waves by a sphere submerged beneath an ice-cover

Lopamudra Das, Smrutiranjan Mohapatra

05-04-2019 | Issue 7/2019

An equivalent von Mises stress and corresponding equivalent plastic strain for elastic–plastic ordinary peridynamics

Mojtaba Asgari, Mohammad Ali Kouchakzadeh

15-05-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Normal elastic and elastoplastic materials: from a comprehensive approach a mixed method for masonry

Massimiliano Lucchesi, Barbara Pintucchi, Nicola Zani

20-05-2019 | Issue 7/2019

On the dynamic behaviour of rotating shafts under combined axial and torsional loads

Alessandro De Felice, Silvio Sorrentino

14-05-2019 | Issue 7/2019 Open Access

Robust optimization and uncertainty quantification in the nonlinear mechanics of an elevator brake system

Piotr Wolszczak, Pawel Lonkwic, Americo Cunha Jr., Grzegorz Litak, Szymon Molski

03-04-2019 | Issue 7/2019

Nonlinear vibration of the spiral bevel gear with a novel tooth surface modification method

Farhad S. Samani, Moslem Molaie, Francesco Pellicano

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