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An International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AIMETA

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Analytical study for oblique wave interaction with a submerged horizontal perforated plate near a partially reflecting vertical wall

A novel iterative analytical solution is developed to study the oblique wave interaction with a horizontally submerged perforated plate near a partially reflecting vertical wall. The boundary condition on the perforated plate is considered as a …


Water wave propagation over multiple porous barriers with variable porosity in the presence of an ice cover

A semi-analytical method is applied to investigate the propagation of flexural wave over multiple bottom-standing porous barriers with variable porosity beneath an ice cover under the assumption of linearised theory of water waves. Eigenfunction …

08-04-2021 Open Access

A note on non-symmetric flow: surface shrinking in mutually orthogonal directions

In this note, we extend the problem treated in (Lok, Math Modelling Anal 24:617–634 (2019)) to the case of permeable surface which is shrinking in mutually orthogonal directions. Both numerical and asymptotic solutions are obtained for two …


The effect of friction on the vibro-impact locomotion system: modeling and dynamic response

This paper shows a new study on the effect of various dry and isotropic friction levels on the progression and dynamic response of a vibro-impact locomotion system. An experimental vibro-impact self-propelled apparatus, which is able to vary the …


Impact of ion partitioning and double layer polarization on diffusiophoresis of a pH-regulated nanogel

Diffusiophoresis of a charge regulated spherical polyelectrolyte nanogel (PE) due to an externally imposed ionic concentration gradient is considered. The immobile charge density of the nanogel develops through the association/dissociation …

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Meccanica focuses on the methodological framework shared by mechanical scientists when addressing theoretical or applied problems. Original papers address various aspects of mechanical and mathematical modeling, of solution, as well as of analysis of system behavior. The journal explores fundamental and applications issues in established areas of mechanics research as well as in emerging fields; contemporary research on general mechanics, solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of machines; interdisciplinary fields between mechanics and other mathematical and engineering sciences; interaction of mechanics with dynamical systems, advanced materials, control and computation; electromechanics; biomechanics.
Articles include full length papers; topical overviews; brief notes; discussions and comments on published papers; book reviews; and an international calendar of conferences.

Meccanica, the official journal of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, was established in 1966.

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