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An International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AIMETA

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20-02-2019 | Progress in Mechanics of Soils and General Granular Flows

Progress in mechanics of soils and general granular flows: preface


A non-smooth-contact-dynamics analysis of Brunelleschi’s cupola: an octagonal vault or a circular dome?

The cupola (dome) of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence was ingeniously constructed by Brunelleschi using a conical bricklaying, radial-oriented toward a focus point on the central axis. Therefore, the dome is built as a surface of revolution but …


Quasicontinuum multiscale modeling of the effect of rough surface on nanoindentation behavior

Roughness of surface has as an important influence on identifying the mechanical behavior and performance of crystalline metals. In this study, nanoindentation simulations are conducted by the two dimensional quasicontinuum method to determine the …

18-02-2019 | Progress in Mechanics of Soils and General Granular Flows Open Access

Numerical simulation of the effect of grain fragmentation on the evolution of microstructure quantities

In this paper the effect of grain fragmentation of a cohesionless granular material on the change of microstructure quantities is investigated using a micropolar continuum model. To this end the change of the grain size distribution is related in …


Boundary element method applied to topology optimization using the level set method and an alternative velocity regularization

The topology optimization (TO) is a valuable tool in the early stages of structural engineering design. It enables the determination of the structural layout accounting for the required performance and utilizing less amount of material. In this …

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Meccanica focuses on the methodological framework shared by mechanical scientists when addressing theoretical or applied problems. Original papers address various aspects of mechanical and mathematical modeling, of solution, as well as of analysis of system behavior. The journal explores fundamental and applications issues in established areas of mechanics research as well as in emerging fields; contemporary research on general mechanics, solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of machines; interdisciplinary fields between mechanics and other mathematical and engineering sciences; interaction of mechanics with dynamical systems, advanced materials, control and computation; electromechanics; biomechanics.
Articles include full length papers; topical overviews; brief notes; discussions and comments on published papers; book reviews; and an international calendar of conferences.

Meccanica, the official journal of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, was established in 1966.

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