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Mechanical Engineering


07-12-2017 | Manufacturing | News | Article

When Products Make Themselves

RFIDs describe the technology of "transmitting miniature chips". These transmitter-receiver systems are often only a few square micrometres in size and can be glued to any kind of objects, making the objects intelligent, interoperable and capable of controlling their own production.

05-12-2017 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Processing of Bioplastics – A Summary

Together with material manufacturers, distributors and the partners, the Ministry and project sponsors discussed the sweeping project results at the closing event of the "Processing bioplastics" project.

04-12-2017 | Machinery | News | Article

5-Axis Milling Machining Learns to Optimise Itself

If traditional manufacturing processes such as milling are supplemented by digital systems, this not only makes it easier to design a product, but can also improve the quality of the products while extending tool life.

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Automotive News

08-12-2017 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Self-Driving Rinspeed Snap Separates Cabin from Platform

The Rinspeed Snap is a flexible, autonomous shuttle. The cabin can be separated from its platform and used for other purposes as required. The concept car will be unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas. 

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