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Mechanical Engineering


17-01-2019 | Manufacturing | News | Article

Functional Coating of Rolls

A roll-to-roll (R2R) system for imparting specific properties to web material by flame pyrolysis can be used to produce barrier layers on thin PET films and improve the adhesive properties of sol-gel layers applied later.

15-01-2019 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Skiing While Warm and Dry

An innovative ski jacket with special membrane technology actively pumps out sweat, keeping skiers warm and dry. The jacket can simply be switched on or off at the touch of a button.

10-01-2019 | Production + Production Technology | News | Article

Growing Self-Organising Polymer Pelts

Polymer pelts are suitable for many different applications from coatings that adhere well and are easy to remove to highly sensitive biodetectors. Researchers at KIT, together with scientists in the USA, have now developed a cost-effective process that enables customised polymer nanofibres to grow on a solid substrate.

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Automotive News

18-01-2019 | Fuel Cell | News | Article

ZF Equips Fuel Cell Bus with Electric Portal Axle

British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis Ltd. is building a bus with a fuel cell drive. Component supplier ZF is equipping the fuel cell bus with the AxTrax AVE electric drive axle.

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