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Mechanical Engineering


15-10-2018 | Manufacturing | News | Article

3D Printed Midsoles for Footwear

Danish shoe manufacturer Ecco, ViscoTec and a 3D printer manufacturer are jointly developing a process for the additive manufacturing of midsoles from a heat-cured two-component silicone.

11-10-2018 | Materials Technology | News | Article

Taylor Medal Award 2018

This year's Taylor Medal went to Dr. Markus Zeis from the Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University, for his scientific work establishing a process signature for electrical discharge machining, a machining process involving thermal/chemical effects on the workpiece.

08-10-2018 | Production + Production Technology | News | Article

Clean Engines for Reduced Fuel Consumption

Contaminated aircraft engines work less efficiently and require more fuel. Therefore, researchers from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences are searching for new methods to allow engines to be cleaned more frequently and to a higher standard, which in turn would mean engines operate more efficiently.

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Automotive News

12-10-2018 | Electro Mobility | News | Article

Electric Mobility Comes out into the Open

At the inaugural elect! ATZ Congress Electrified Mobility, a clear commitment to electric mobility has emerged. Both OEMs and suppliers have recognised the need to transform mobility and have showcased some fascinating developments in Stuttgart.

Andreas Burkert

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