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Mechanical Engineering


06-05-2022 | Ceramic Technology | News | Article

German Fraunhofer Researcher Receives Two International Awards

Professor Michaelis, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, is the first European to receive two international materials research awards.

06-05-2022 | Ceramics | News | Article

Overcoming the Limitations of Glass Production

Glass objects which glow in the dark or glass containers that heat up and cool down – this seems to completely contradict our everyday experience of what glass can do. And yet, it is now within reach.

05-05-2022 | Ceramics | News | Article

Joint Venture with a Focus on Circular Economy

RHI Magnesita and Horn & Co. combine their recycling activities. By taking this step, they increase the production, use and supply of secondary raw materials for the refractories industry.

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Automotive News

11-05-2022 | Drivetrain | News | Article

How do future powertrains and energy systems interact?

ATZlive hosted the 2022 International Congress Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow as a hybrid event. Here you can read selected contents in our summary article.  

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