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Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 4/2002

Issue 4/2002

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Hip stress reduction after Chiari osteotomy

S. Herman, A. Jaklič, S. Herman, A. Iglič, Dr V. Kralj-Iglič

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Instrumented rod rotator system for spinal surgery

Dr E. Lou, D. L. Hill, J. V. Raso, M. J. Moreau, J. K. Mahood

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Impedance spectroscopy: An accurate method of differentiating between viable and ischaemic or infarcted muscle tissue

M. I. d'Entremont, A. T. Paulson, Dr A. E. Marble

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Neonatal lungs-can absolute lung resistivity be determined non-invasively?

Prof. B. H. Brown, R. A. Primhak, R. H. Smallwood, P. Milnes, A. J. Narracott, M. J. Jackson

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Modelling the response of scalp sensory receptors to transcranial electrical stimulation

V. Suihko

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Systematic comparison of different algorithms for apnoea detection based on electrocardiogram recordings

Dr T. Penzel, J. McNames, P. de Chazal, B. Raymond, A. Murray, G. Moody

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Comparison of heart rate variability analysis methods in patients with Parkinson's disease

Dr. M. Kallio, K. Suominen, A. M. Bianchi, T. Mäkikallio, T. Haapaniemi, S. Astafiev, K. A. Sotaniemi, V. V. Myllylä, U. Tolonen

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Development andin vitro validation of a device for measuring non-shunt cardiac output by nitrous oxide throughflow

G. M. Vartuli, R. B. Burfoot, G. J. B. Robinson, P. J. Peyton, P. A. Junor

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Circulatory effects of internal jugular vein compression: A computer simulation study

R. Bošnjak, Dr M. Kordaš

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Statistical processing for gastric slow-wave identification

M. S. Grant, Dr R. D. Williams

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Use of abdominal percussion for pneumoperitoneum detection

Dr H. A. Mansy, T. J. Royston, R. H. Sandler

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Linear and non-linear methods for automatic seizure detection in scalp electro-encephalogram recordings

Dr P. E. McSharry, T. He, L. A. Smith, L. Tarassenko

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Statistical test for peri-stimulus time histograms in assessing motor neuron activity

J. Ushiba, Y. Tomita, Y. Masakado, Y. Komune, Y. Muraoka

01-07-2002 | Technical Note | Issue 4/2002

Piezoelectric film transducer for recording of oculography in electro-encephalogram-polygraphy

Dr J. Siivola, A. Saarinen

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Identification of appropriate primitive polynomials to avoid cross-contamination in multifocal electroretinogram responses

J. M. Ireland, D. Keating, S. G. Hoggar, S. Parks

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Inter-chromosome texture as a feature for automatic identification of metaphase spreads

L. Vega-Alvarado, J. Márquez, G. Corkidi

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Human platelet supernatant promotes proliferation but not differentiation of articular chondrocytes

Dr C. Kaps, A. Loch, A. Haisch, H. Smolian, G. R. Burmester, T. Häupl, M. Sittinger

01-07-2002 | Issue 4/2002

Capsule-substrate contact deformation: Determination of adhesion energy

Dr K. K. Liu, V. Chan, Z. Zhang

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