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Memetic Computing

Memetic Computing 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Thematic Issue on “Advanced Intelligent Scheduling Algorithms for Smart Manufacturing Systems"

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

25-10-2019 | Editorial | Issue 4/2019

Thematic issue on “advanced intelligent scheduling algorithms for smart manufacturing systems”

Ling Wang, Guohua Wu, Liang Gao

20-12-2018 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

An improved differential evolution algorithm for solving a distributed assembly flexible job shop scheduling problem

Xiuli Wu, Xiajing Liu, Ning Zhao

29-03-2019 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

An intelligent scheduling algorithm for complex manufacturing system simulation with frequent synchronizations in a cloud environment

Feng Yao, Yiping Yao, Lining Xing, Huangke Chen, Zhongwei Lin, Tianlin Li

18-03-2019 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

Mathematical modeling and a discrete artificial bee colony algorithm for the welding shop scheduling problem

Xinyu Li, Shengqiang Xiao, Cuiyu Wang, Jin Yi

07-03-2019 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

Project portfolio selection and scheduling under a fuzzy environment

Xiaoxiong Zhang, Keith W. Hipel, Yuejin Tan

16-07-2019 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

Multi-objective flow shop scheduling with limited buffers using hybrid self-adaptive differential evolution

Jing Liang, Peng Wang, Li Guo, Boyang Qu, Caitong Yue, Kunjie Yu, Yachao Wang

20-09-2019 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

Estimation of distribution evolution memetic algorithm for the unrelated parallel-machine green scheduling problem

Yue Xue, Zhijian Rui, Xianyu Yu, Xiuzhi Sang, Wenjie Liu

24-10-2019 | Regular Research Paper | Issue 4/2019

Genetic algorithms with greedy strategy for green batch scheduling on non-identical parallel machines

Mao Tan, Hua-Li Yang, Yong-Xin Su

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