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08-08-2019 | Regular Research Paper

An Adaptive Island Evolutionary Algorithm for the berth scheduling problem

Increasing volumes of the seaborne containerized trade put additional pressure on marine container terminal operators. Long congestion periods have been reported at certain marine container terminals due to inability of the infrastructure to serve …

16-07-2019 | Regular Research Paper

Multi-objective flow shop scheduling with limited buffers using hybrid self-adaptive differential evolution

In this paper, a self-adaptive differential evolution (DE) algorithm is designed to solve multi-objective flow shop scheduling problems with limited buffers (FSSPwLB). The makespan and the largest job delay are treated as two separate objectives …

01-07-2019 | Regular Research Paper

A memetic algorithm with optimal recombination for the asymmetric travelling salesman problem

We propose a new memetic algorithm with optimal recombination for the asymmetric travelling salesman problem (ATSP). The optimal recombination problem (ORP) is solved in a crossover operator based on a new exact algorithm that solves the ATSP on …

14-05-2019 | Regular Research Paper

Noising methods with hybrid greedy repair operator for 0–1 knapsack problem

Noising methods (NMs) include a set of local search methods and can be considered as simulated annealing algorithm or threshold accepting (TA) method when its components are properly chosen. This paper studies how to utilize NMs for solving the …

29-03-2019 | Regular Research Paper

An intelligent scheduling algorithm for complex manufacturing system simulation with frequent synchronizations in a cloud environment

For cloud-based, large-scale complex manufacturing system simulation (CMSS), allocating appropriate service instances (virtual machines or nodes) is a promising way to improve execution efficiency. However, the complex interactions among and …

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About this journal

Memetic Computing's goals are:

  • To be an outlet for high quality research in hybrid metaheuristics (including evolutionary hybrids) for optimization, control and design in continuous and discrete optimization domains. We seek to dissolve the barriers separating metaheuristics, exact and approximation algorithms research and to bring forth a renewed impetus towards the investigation and understanding of promising new hybrid algorithmic technologies.
  • To go beyond current search methodologies towards innovative research on the emergence of cultural artifacts such as game, trade and negotiation strategies and, more generally, rules of behavior as they apply to, for example, robotic, multi-agent and artificial life systems.
  • Ultimately, Memetic Computing aspires to serve as a focal publication where the latest results in Natural Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Operational Research and Natural Sciences (e.g. cognitive, animal and insect's behavior, etc.) are fuzzed together in novel ways in order to transcend the intrinsic limitations of a single discipline.
  • Potential authors are invited to submit original research articles for publication consideration. Reviews and short communications may also be considered.

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