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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 10/2020

Issue 10/2020

Table of Contents ( 45 Articles )

18-08-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 10/2020

Microplasticity at Room Temperature in α/β Titanium Alloys

S. Hémery, P. Villechaise, D. Banerjee

24-08-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Modeling and Simulation of Microstructure Evolution for Additive Manufacturing of Metals: A Critical Review

Carolin Körner, Matthias Markl, Johannes A. Koepf

27-08-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 10/2020

Perspectives on Quenching and Tempering 4340 Steel

A. J. Clarke, J. Klemm-Toole, K. D. Clarke, D. R. Coughlin, D. T. Pierce, V. K. Euser, J. D. Poplawsky, B. Clausen, D. Brown, J. Almer, P. J. Gibbs, D. J. Alexander, R. D. Field, D. L. Williamson, J. G. Speer, G. Krauss

28-07-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 10/2020

High-Throughput and Systematic Study of Phase Transformations and Metastability Using Dual-Anneal Diffusion Multiples

Ji-Cheng Zhao

04-08-2020 | Topical Collection: Innovations in High Entropy Alloys and Bulk Metallic Glasses | Issue 10/2020

Element Effects of Mn and Ge on the Tuning of Mechanical Properties of High-Entropy Alloys

Tu-Ngoc Lam, Che-Wei Tsai, Bo-Kai Chen, Bo-Hong Lai, Hung-Chih Liu, Takuro Kawasaki, Stefanus Harjo, Bi-Hsuan Lin, E-Wen Huang

11-08-2020 | Topical Collection: Innovations in High Entropy Alloys and Bulk Metallic Glasses | Issue 10/2020

Phase Stress Partition in Gray Cast Iron Using In Situ Neutron Diffraction Measurements

Tu-Ngoc Lam, Szu-Chien Wu, Hobyung Chae, Shi-Wei Chen, Jayant Jain, Soo Yeol Lee, Ke An, Sven C. Vogel, Sung-Mao Chiu, Dunji Yu, E-Wen Huang

02-08-2020 | Communication | Issue 10/2020

On the Temperature Sensitivity of Dwell Fatigue of a Near Alpha Titanium Alloy: Role of Strain Hardening and Strain Rate Sensitivity

K. U. Yazar, Sumeet Mishra, Anish Karmakar, Amit Bhattacharjee, Satyam Suwas

29-07-2020 | Communication | Issue 10/2020

Effect of Strain Rate on Deformation Response of Metastable High Entropy Alloys Upon Friction Stir Processing

K. Liu, S. S. Nene, M. Frank, R. S. Mishra

30-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

The Expanded Lever Rule on the Phase Transformation Rate Curve for Phase Volume Fraction Calculation in Thermal Simulations

Xuan-Wei Lei, Rong-Bo Yang, Lin-Lin Xiao, Jia-Jun Ding, Xue-Hui Zhang, Chao-Bin Lai, Tong-Xiang Liang

16-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Microstructural Evolution in an Fe-10Ni-0.1C Steel During Heat Treatment and High Strain-Rate Deformation

I. Harding, I. Mouton, B. Gault, K. S. Kumar

01-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Mechanical Behavior of Fresh and Tempered Martensite in a CrMoV-Alloyed Steel Explained by Microstructural Evolution and Strength Modeling

Tao Zhou, Jun Lu, Peter Hedström

13-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Quench Temperature-Dependent Mechanical Properties During Nonisothermal Partitioning

G. K. Bansal, P. S. M. Jena, Chiradeep Ghosh, V. C. Srivastava, V. Rajinikanth, Monojit Dutta, S. Ghosh Chowdhury

22-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Strain-Rate Dependence of the Martensitic Transformation Behavior in a 10 Pct Ni Multi-phase Steel Under Compression

P. K. Lambert, C. J. Hustedt, D. T. Casem, N. Sinclair, X. J. Zhang, K. M. Lee, A. F. T. Leong, B. E. Schuster, T. C. Hufnagel

21-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Phase Evolution-Dependent Nanomechanical Properties of Al86Ni8Y6 and Al86Ni6Y4.5Co2La1.5 Spark Plasma-Sintered Bulk Amorphous Composites

Ashutosh Sahu, Ram Sajeevan Maurya, Soumitra Dinda, Tapas Laha

01-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Deformation Behavior and Crashworthiness of Functionally Graded Metallic Foam-Filled Tubes Under Drop-Weight Impact Testing

M. Salehi, S. M. H. Mirbagheri, A. Jafari Ramiani

13-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Effect of Ag Addition on the Hot Deformation, Constitutive Equations and Processing Maps of a Hot Extruded Mg-Gd-Y Alloy

A. Rezaei, R. Mahmudi, R. Loge

07-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Ferritic-Martensitic Steel During Thermal Aging

Shenghu Chen, Xiaojie Jin, Lijian Rong

12-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Effect of Ageing on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Creep Behavior of Alloy 740H

A. H. V. Pavan, R. L. Narayan, Kulvir Singh, U. Ramamurty

20-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Temperature-Dependent Macroscopic Mechanical Behaviors and Their Microscopic Explanations in a Medium Mn Steel

Jiawei Ma, Haiting Liu, Qi Lu, Yong Zhong, Li Wang, Yao Shen

25-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Study on the Microstructure and Compression of Composite Metal Foam Core Sandwich Panels

Jacob Marx, Afsaneh Rabiei

01-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

On the Joint Formation and Interfacial Microstructure of Cold Metal Transfer Cycle Step Braze Welding of Aluminum to Steel Butt Joint

James Chen, Babak Shalchi Amirkhiz, Ruby Zhang, Brian Rona

29-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Evaluation of the Effect of Rare Earth Alloying Additions on the Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Aluminum Alloy 7150 During Rapid Solidification

M. J. Benoit, S. M. Zhu, T. B. Abbott, M. A. Easton

14-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Pandat™ Simulation of the Solidification Sequence and Microstructure Development of the 2 Pct Mg-55 Pct Al-1.6 Pct Si-Zn Coating on Steel

Yisheng R. Chen, Fan Zhang

14-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

In Situ Analysis of Multiphase Compounds at the Liquid Al-Solid Cu Interface: Formation Sequence, Growth Kinetics and Critical Thickness

Zongye Ding, Qiaodan Hu, Sheng Cao, Tianxing Yang, Fan Yang, Liao Yu, Wenquan Lu, Naifang Zhang, Jianguo Li

24-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

High Temperature Oxidation Study of Nano-Y2O3 Dispersed Ferritic Alloys Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying and Sintering

A. Meharwal, M. Kumar, S. K. Karak, J. Dutta Majumdar, I. Manna

30-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Origin of Goss (110)〈001〉 Grains in Hot-Worked Grain-Oriented Steel

Sushil K. Giri, A. Durgaprasad, H. Mehtani, S. Kundu, I. Samajdar

10-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Continuous-Cooling-Transformation (CCT) Behaviors and Fine-Grained Nearly Lamellar (FGNL) Microstructure Formation in a Cast Ti-48Al-4Nb-2Cr Alloy

Jieren Yang, Zitong Gao, Xiaogan Zhang, Rui Hu

10-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Modelling of Processing Steps of New Generation ODS Alloys

J. Svoboda, V. Horník, H. Riedel

12-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Investigation on Temper Embrittlement of TS1100 MPa Grade Ultra-High Strength Steel

Meiying Li, Tao Jia, Li Ma, Xianming Zhao, Zhaodong Wang

20-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Microstructure Evolution of Fine-Grained Cobalt T400 Tribaloy Processed by Spark Plasma Sintering or Hot Isostatic Pressing of Gas-Atomized Powders

X. Boulnat, C. Lafont, J.-B. Coudert, C. Dayot

27-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Formation Mechanism of In Situ Intergranular CaZrO3 Phases in Sintered Magnesia Refractories

Yongshun Zou, Huazhi Gu, Ao Huang, Lvping Fu

04-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Effect of the Process Gas and Scan Speed on the Properties and Productivity of Thin 316L Structures Produced by Laser-Powder Bed Fusion

C. Pauzon, A. Leicht, U. Klement, P. Forêt, E. Hryha

23-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Experimental Study of High Temperature Phase Equilibria in the Iron-Rich Part of the Fe-P and Fe-C-P Systems

Michael Bernhard, Peter Presoly, Nora Fuchs, Christian Bernhard, Youn-Bae Kang

14-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Peculiarities of the Synthesis of Ternary Fe-Al-Sn Intermetallic Compound from Mechanically Alloyed Materials

A. K. AlSaedi, A. G. Ivanova, E. V. Voronina, A. K. Arzhnikov

04-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Microstructure Evolution and Recrystallization Resistance of a 7055 Alloy Fabricated by Spray Forming Technology and by Conventional Ingot Metallurgy

Zhiqiang Xie, Zhihong Jia, Kaiyun Xiang, Yaping Kong, Zhenguo Li, Xi Fan, Wantai Ma, Hao Zhang, Lin Lin, Knut Marthinsen, Qing Liu

10-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Evolution of Entrainment Defects Formed in Mg-Y Alloy Castings

Tian Li, J. M. T. Davies

18-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Deformation Enhanced Diffusion in Aluminium Alloys

J. D. Robson

27-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Equilibrium Multi-precipitate Configurations

Bhalchandra Bhadak, Ravi Kumar Singh, Abhik Choudhury

29-07-2020 | Issue 10/2020

First-Principles Study of the Geometric and Electronic Structures and Optical Properties of Vacancy Magnesium Ferrite

Hamada H. Kora, Mohamed Taha, Ahmed A. Farghali, S. I. El-Dek

05-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Study on the Partitioning of Alloying Elements Between bcc-Fe Matrix and bcc-Cu Precipitates and the Corresponding Effects on the Precipitation Interface

Xueyun Gao, Haiyan Wang, Cainv Ma, Lei Xing, Huiping Ren

25-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Modeling of the ECAP Induced Strain Hardening Behavior in FCC Metals

Ali Al-Hadi Kobaissy, Georges Ayoub, Wahaz Nasim, Jahanzaib Malik, Ibrahim Karaman, Mu’tasem Shehadeh

20-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Characterization of Anodic Films Produced on Anodized AA1050 Aluminum Alloy: Effect of Bio-additive

Khashayar Morshed-Behbahani, Pooria Najafisayar, Ramtin Hessam, Nika Zakerin

20-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020

Inhomogeneous Strains and Dislocation Evolution in Surface-Treated Ni-Base Superalloys

Shashwat Shukla, Suo Hon Lim, Dong Zhili

03-08-2020 | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Effects of Intermetallic Microstructure on Degradation of Mg-5Nd Alloy

Yaping Zhang, Yuanding Huang, Frank Feyerabend, Sarkis Gavras, Yuling Xu, Regine Willumeit-Römer, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Norbert Hort

31-07-2020 | Correction | Issue 10/2020

Correction to: Elemental Effects on Weld Cracking Susceptibility in AlxCoCrCuyFeNi High-Entropy Alloy

Alexander C. Martin, João Pedro Oliveira, Carolin Fink

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