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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 11/2016

Issue 11/2016

Table of Contents ( 39 Articles )

23-08-2016 | Communication | Issue 11/2016

Influence of the Initial Microstructure on the Heat Treatment Response and Tensile Properties of TRIP-Assisted Steel

Kyooyoung Lee, Joo Hyun Ryu, Sea Woong Lee, Won Hwi Lee, Jeong In Kim, Dong-Woo Suh

15-08-2016 | Communication | Issue 11/2016

An Investigation Into 6-Fold Symmetry in Martensitic Steels

Christopher Kinney, Ken Pytlewski, Liang Qi, Armen G. Khachaturyan, J. W. Morris Jr.

16-09-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016


Symposium on New Steels for Applications Under Extreme Conditions
Andrea García-Junceda, María Jesús Santofimia

11-04-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

Fatigue Hardening Behavior of 1.5 GPa Grade Transformation-Induced Plasticity-Aided Martensitic Steel

Koh-Ichi Sugimoto, Tomohiko Hojo

29-06-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

Continuous Hardening During Isothermal Aging at 723 K (450 °C) of a Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel

Carola Celada-Casero, Jesús Chao, Esteban Urones-Garrote, David San Martin

05-05-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016 Open Access

Effect of Prior Austenite Grain Size Refinement by Thermal Cycling on the Microstructural Features of As-Quenched Lath Martensite

Javier Hidalgo, Maria Jesus Santofimia

15-04-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

Extremely Low-Stress Triaxiality Tests in Calibration of Fracture Models in Metal-Cutting Simulation

František Šebek, Petr Kubík, Jindřich Petruška, Jiří Hůlka

25-07-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

Alternative Fabrication Routes toward Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened Steels and Model Alloys

Frank Bergner, Isabell Hilger, Jouko Virta, Juha Lagerbom, Gunter Gerbeth, Sarah Connolly, Zuliang Hong, Patrick S. Grant, Thomas Weissgärber

28-04-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

On the Role of Alloy Composition and Sintering Parameters in the Bimodal Grain Size Distribution and Mechanical Properties of ODS Ferritic Steels

Andrea García-Junceda, Mónica Campos, Nerea García-Rodríguez, José Manuel Torralba

01-06-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Austenitic Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steel

Xiaodong Mao, Suk Hoon Kang, Tae Kyu Kim, Seul Cham Kim, Kyu Hwan Oh, Jinsung Jang

06-06-2016 | Symposium: New Steels for Applications under Extreme Conditions | Issue 11/2016

Nano-precipitation Strengthened G91 by Thermo-mechanical Treatment Optimization

J. Vivas, C. Celada-Casero, D. San Martín, M. Serrano, E. Urones-Garrote, P. Adeva, M. M. Aranda, C. Capdevila

30-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Influence of the Initial Microstructure on the Reverse Transformation Kinetics and Microstructural Evolution in Transformation-Induced Plasticity–Assisted Steel

Jeong In Kim, Joo Hyun Ryu, Sea Woong Lee, Kyooyoung Lee, Yoon-Uk Heo, Dong-Woo Suh

12-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Study of the Eutectoid Transformation in Nodular Cast Irons in Relation to Solidification Microsegregation

Alexandre Freulon, Philippe de Parseval, Claudie Josse, Jacques Bourdie, Jacques Lacaze

16-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Effect of Strain-Induced Age Hardening on Yield Strength Improvement in Ferrite-Austenite Duplex Lightweight Steels

Hyejin Song, Seok Gyu Lee, Seok Su Sohn, Jai-Hyun Kwak, Sunghak Lee

16-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Exploring the Phase Transformation in β-Quenched Ti-55531 Alloy During Continuous Heating via Dilatometric Measurement, Microstructure Characterization, and Diffusion Analysis

Fuwen Chen, Guanglong Xu, Xiaoyong Zhang, Kechao Zhou

31-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Serration Behavior of a Zr-Based Metallic Glass Under Different Constrained Loading Conditions

G. N. Yang, J. L. Gu, S. Q. Chen, Y. Shao, H. Wang, K. F. Yao

12-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Grain Size Hardening Effects in Mg-Gd Solid Solutions

Devarajan Nagarajan, Carlos H. Cáceres, John R. Griffiths

16-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

A New Venue Toward Predicting the Role of Hydrogen Embrittlement on Metallic Materials

Burak Bal, Ibrahim Sahin, Alper Uzun, Demircan Canadinc

16-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Effect of Boron Addition on Microstructural Evolution and Room-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Novel Fe66−x CrNiB x Si (x = 0, 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 Wt Pct) Advanced High-Strength Steels

Mohsen Askari-Paykani, Hamid Reza Shahverdi, Reza Miresmaeili

22-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Effect of Weld Characteristic on Mechanical Strength of Laser-Arc Hybrid-Welded Al-Mg-Si-Mn Aluminum Alloy

Chen Zhang, Ming Gao, Ming Jiang, Xiaoyan Zeng

23-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Effects of Cr2O3 Activating Flux on the Plasma Plume in Pulsed Laser Welding

Luo Yi, Du Yunfei, Xie Xiaojian, Wan Rui, Zhu Liang, Han Jingtao

23-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Formation of Intermetallic Compounds During Explosive Welding

Bella A. Greenberg, Mikhail A. Ivanov, Mark S. Pushkin, Alexei V. Inozemtsev, Alexander M. Patselov, Anatoliy P. Tankeyev, Sergey V. Kuzmin, Vladimir I. Lysak

29-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

The Effect of Bi on the Selective Oxide Formation on CMnSi TRIP Steel

Jonghan Oh, Lawrence Cho, Myungsoo Kim, Kichul Kang, Bruno C. De Cooman

01-09-2016 | Issue 11/2016

On the Tendency of the Co-, Ni-, and Fe-Based Melts to the Bulk Amorphization

Irina V. Sterkhova, Vladimir I. Lad’yanov, Larisa V. Kamaeva, Nadezhda V. Umnova, Pavel P. Umnov

24-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Analysis on the Deflection Angle of Columnar Dendrites of Continuous Casting Steel Billets Under the Influence of Mold Electromagnetic Stirring

Xincheng Wang, Shengqian Wang, Lifeng Zhang, Seetharaman Sridhar, Alberto Conejo, Xuefeng Liu

15-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Influence of Melt Superheat, Sr Modifier, and Al-5Ti-1B Grain Refiner on Microstructural Evolution of Secondary Al-Si-Cu Alloys

Jovid Rakhmonov, Giulio Timelli, Franco Bonollo

02-05-2016 | Symposium: Multiscale Modeling of Microstructure Deformation in Materials Processing | Issue 11/2016 Open Access

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Innovatory Incremental-Forming Process Dedicated to the Aerospace Industry

Joanna Szyndler, Franciszek Grosman, Marek Tkocz, Lukasz Madej

18-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Influence of Cycle Temperature on the Wear Resistance of Vermicular Iron Derivatized with Bionic Surfaces

Qi Sui, Peng Zhang, Hong Zhou, Yan Liu, Luquan Ren

12-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Two-Phase Master Sintering Curve for 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Im Doo Jung, Sangyul Ha, Seong Jin Park, Deborah C. Blaine, Ravi Bollina, Randall M. German

18-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Numerical Simulation of Solidification, Homogenization, and Precipitation in an Industrial Ni-Based Superalloy

Luc Rougier, Alain Jacot, Charles-André Gandin, Damien Ponsen, Virginie Jaquet

29-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Modeling the Capillary Pressure for the Migration of the Liquid Phase in Granular Solid–Liquid–Vapor Systems: Application to the Control of the Composition Profile in W-Cu FGM Materials

Jean-Michel Missiaen, Jean-Joël Raharijaona, Francis Delannay

29-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Correlation of Thermally Induced Pores with Microstructural Features Using High Energy X-rays

David B. Menasche, Paul A. Shade, Jonathan Lind, Shiu Fai Li, Joel V. Bernier, Peter Kenesei, Jay C. Schuren, Robert M. Suter

17-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Effect of Grain Boundary Character Distribution on the Adiabatic Shear Susceptibility

Yang Yang, Lihong Jiang, Shuhong Luo, Haibo Hu, Tiegang Tang, Qingming Zhang

25-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Elasto-Plastic-Creep Constitutive Equation of an Al-Si-Cu High-Pressure Die Casting Alloy for Thermal Stress Analysis

Yuichi Motoyama, Hidetoshi Shiga, Takeshi Sato, Hiroshi Kambe, Makoto Yoshida

06-09-2016 | Issue 11/2016

A Study on the Electrodeposited Cu-Zn Alloy Thin Films

Rasim Özdemir, İsmail Hakkı Karahan, Orhan Karabulut

29-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Texture Analyses of Ti/Al2O3 Nanocomposite Produced Using Friction Stir Processing

Aziz Shafiei-Zarghani, Seyed Farshid Kashani-Bozorg, Adrian P. Gerlich

06-09-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Alumina Bulk Nanocomposite Produced by a Novel Two-Step Ultrasonic Casting Technique

H. M. Vishwanatha, Jayakumar Eravelly, Cheruvu Siva Kumar, Sudipto Ghosh

29-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Measurements and Modeling of Stress in Precipitation-Hardened Aluminum Alloy AA2618 during Gleeble Interrupted Quenching and Constrained Cooling

Nicolas Chobaut, Denis Carron, Peter Saelzle, Jean-Marie Drezet

18-08-2016 | Issue 11/2016

Tool Steel Heat Treatment Optimization Using Neural Network Modeling

Bojan Podgornik, Igor Belič, Vojteh Leskovšek, Matjaz Godec

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