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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 5/2020

Issue 5/2020

Table of Contents ( 50 Articles )

14-02-2020 | Communication | Issue 5/2020

Phase Transformation Kinetics During Annealing of Cold-Rolled AISI 309Si Stainless Steel

Ata Abdi, Hamed Mirzadeh, Mohammad Javad Sohrabi, Meysam Naghizadeh

18-02-2020 | Communication | Issue 5/2020

Martensite Enables the Formation of Complex Nanotwins in a Medium Mn Steel

B. B. He, M. X. Huang

27-02-2020 | Communication | Issue 5/2020

Enhanced Corrosion Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Sheet Alloy by Ultrasonic Surface Rolling Treatment

Chunming Wang, Guanming Xu, Luming Zeng, Zhenghua Tang, Xuehui Zhang, Tongxiang Liang

13-03-2020 | Communication | Issue 5/2020

Improved Tensile Strength of Al-5Ce Alloy by Permanent Magnet Stirring

Liyang Wang, Ruijuan Qi, Bing Ye, Yang Bai, Rong Huang, Haiyan Jiang, Wenjiang Ding

26-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Pearlite in Multicomponent Steels: Phenomenological Steady-State Modeling

Jia-Yi Yan, John Ågren, Johan Jeppsson

19-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Characterization and Interpretation of the Multiple Crystallographic Features of ε′ Precipitates in an Ag-Containing Mg-Sn Alloy

Xuefei Huang, Li Chen, Hui Wang

12-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Anomalous Dilatometric Response of Hot-Worked Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr Alloy: In Terms of Evolution of Microstructure, Texture and Residual Stress

Mainak Sen, Sujoy Kumar Kar, Trideep Banerjee, Amit Bhattacharjee, Amlan Dutta, Srikumar Banerjee

12-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Austenite Stability and Strain Hardening in C-Mn-Si Quenching and Partitioning Steels

Christopher B. Finfrock, Amy J. Clarke, Grant A. Thomas, Kester D. Clarke

25-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Alloy Composition Screening for Ni-Base Turbine Disc Superalloys Using the Creep Property of Single Crystal

Yuhi Mori, Kyoko Kawagishi, Toshio Osada, Hiroshi Harada, Michinari Yuyama, Yuji Takata, Makoto Osawa, Ayako Ikeda

21-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Thickness-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of 〈111〉-Oriented Cu Single Crystals

Y. Yan, Y. L. Liu, M. Q. Liu, D. Han, X. W. Li

05-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Orientation Dependence of Deformation-Induced Martensite Transformation During Uniaxial Tensile Deformation of Carbide-Free Bainitic Steel

Sk. Md. Hasan, Abhijit Ghosh, Debalay Chakrabarti, Shiv Brat Singh

28-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Effect of Grain Size on the Shear Banding Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Under Quasi-Static Compression

Yan Long, Liang Peng, Weihua Zhang, Haiyan Peng, Jinfu Zhang, Xiaolong Huang

05-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The Dependence of Fracture Resistance on the Size and Distribution of Blocky Retained Austenite-Martensite Constituents

Dezhen Yang, Zhiping Xiong

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Quantitative Analysis of Microstructures and Strength of Nb-Ti Microalloyed Steel with Different Ti Additions

Xiaolong Gan, Qing Yuan, Gang Zhao, Hongwei Ma, Wen Liang, Zhengliang Xue, Wenwei Qiao, Guang Xu

09-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Enhancement of Impact Toughness Via Tailoring Deformation Compatibility of Constituent Phases in Duplex Q&P Steel with Excellent Strength and Ductility

Hao Du, Yu Gong, Tao Liang, Yu Li, Yuantao Xu, Xianwen Lu, Qiaoshi Zeng, Xuejun Jin

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Comparative Study of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Three Heat-resistant Cr-Mo Steels Subjected to Electrochemical and Gaseous Hydrogen Charging

Il Yoo, Ji-Min Lee, Hyeon-Seok Lim, Jin-Yoo Suh, Jinhee Lee, Byoungchul Hwang

26-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Mechanical and Metallurgical Characterization of Dissimilar P92/SS304 L Welded Joints Under Varying Heat Treatment Regimes

Chandan Pandey

18-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Characteristics of Susceptible Microstructure for Hydrogen-Induced Cracking in the Coarse-Grained Heat-Affected Zone of Carbon Steel

Yongjoon Kang, Minjeong Kim, Gidong Kim, Namkyu Kim, Sangwoo Song

19-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Bonding Strength and Grain Size Control of Dissimilar Joints of Al-Mg Alloys with Forge Welding

Hideki Yamagishi, Masaru Sato, Shigeki Kakiuchi

02-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

A Study on Microstructure and Phase Transformation in the Weld Fusion Zone of TIG-Welded IN939 with IN625 and IN718 as Filler Metal

H. Kazempour-Liasi, M. Tajally, H. Abdollah-Pour

06-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The Role of Internal Oxides on the Liquid Metal Embrittlement Cracking During Resistance Spot Welding of the Dual Phase Steel

A. Ghatei Kalashami, C. DiGiovanni, M. H. Razmpoosh, F. Goodwin, N. Y. Zhou

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Probe Pulse Conditions and Solidification Parameters for the Dissimilar Welding of Inconel 718 and AISI 316L Stainless Steel

A. K. Sahu, S. Bag

10-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Correlation of Local Constitutive Properties to Global Mechanical Performance of Advanced High-Strength Steel Spot Welds

H. Rezayat, H. Ghassemi-Armaki, S. Sriram, S. S. Babu

12-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Microstructural Evolution of Dissimilar Metal Welds Involving Grade 91

Sean Orzolek, John DuPont, John Siefert

10-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Simulation of Shrinkage Porosity Formation During Alloy Solidification

Vahid Khalajzadeh, Christoph Beckermann

22-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Effect of Microstructure and Texture Evolution on the Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of Warm-Rolled API 5L X70 Pipeline Steel

Enyinnaya Ohaeri, Joseph Omale, Ubong Eduok, Jerzy Szpunar, Muhammad Arafin, Fateh Fazeli

21-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Texture Evolution and Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of Hybrid-Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composites: Enhanced Strength and Ductility

Peikun Qiu, Yuanfei Han, Guangfa Huang, Jianwen Le, Liming Lei, Lv Xiao, Weijie Lu

13-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Transient Plastic Flow and Phase Dissolution During Hot Compression of α/β Titanium Alloys

S. L. Semiatin, N. C. Levkulich, C. A. Heck, A. E. Mann, N. Bozzolo, A. L. Pilchak, J. S. Tiley

02-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Microstructures and Nb-Rich Precipitation Behaviors of Inconel 718 Superalloy Under Sub-rapid Solidification Process

Wanlin Wang, Chenyang Zhu, Jie Zeng, Cheng Lu, Hairui Qian, Hui Xu, Peisheng Lyu

09-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Nitrogen Effects in Additively Manufactured Martensitic Stainless Steels: Conventional Thermal Processing and Comparison with Wrought

Eric A. Lass, Fan Zhang, Carelyn E. Campbell

13-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Wetting Transition in a Molten Metal and Solid Substrate System in High Magnetic Fields

Yubao Xiao, Tie Liu, Zhengyang Lu, Guojian Li, Shuang Yuan, Noriyuki Hirota, Zhongming Ren, Qiang Wang

19-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Critical Analysis of Threshold Stresses in the Creep Mechanisms of a Powder Metallurgy Magnesium Alloy AZ31

Jorge A. del Valle, Oscar A. Ruano

18-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

G–D Map Method for Analyzing Effects of Elements on Size Control of In Situ Formed Mg2Si in Mg Melts

Zhuoran Tian, Zhibo Sun, Yue Liu, Qiwen Zheng, Tongxiang Fan

18-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Development of (Nb0.75,Ti0.25)C-Reinforced Cast Duplex Stainless Steel Composites

Wen Hao Kan, Ziyan Man, Siyu Huang, Kevin Dolman, Timothy Lucey, Xinhu Tang, Li Chang, Gwénaëlle Proust, Julie Cairney

28-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Deformation and Fracture Mode of Microcantilever Beams Made of Cr(Re)/Al2O3 Metal–Matrix Composite

Witold Węglewski, Pandi Pitchai, Kamil Bochenek, Gabriella Bolzon, Ruth Konetschnik, Bernhard Sartory, Reinhold Ebner, Daniel Kiener, Michał Basista

18-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Further Insight into Interfacial Interactions in Iron/Liquid Zn-Al System

David Zapico-Álvarez, Patrick Barges, Céline Musik, Florence Bertrand, Jean-Michel Mataigne, Marion Descoins, Dominique Mangelinck, Marie-Laurence Giorgi

28-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Utilization of Waste Materials for the Manufacturing of Better-Quality Wear and Corrosion-Resistant Steels

Wen Hao Kan, Siyu Huang, Ziyan Man, Wilson Handoko, Li Chang, Farshid Pahlevani, Kim Rasmussen, Veena Sahajwalla

11-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Rapid Solidification Microstructure and Carbide Precipitation Behavior in Electron Beam Melted High-Speed Steel

J. Jin, R. Gao, H. Peng, H. Guo, S. Gong, B. Chen

19-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Effect of Powder Recycling on Defect Formation in Electron Beam Melted Alloy 718

Hans Gruber, Cosmina Luchian, Eduard Hryha, Lars Nyborg

02-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

The Influence of Iron in Minimizing the Microstructural Anisotropy of Ti-6Al-4V Produced by Laser Powder-Bed Fusion

Marco Simonelli, David Graham McCartney, Pere Barriobero-Vila, Nesma T. Aboulkhair, Yau Yau Tse, Adam Clare, Richard Hague

19-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Realization of Selective Strengthening of Ferrite by Nb/V Microalloying in a Medium Carbon Lightweight δ-TRIP Steel

Lan Ye, Junfeng Wang, Zhaoli Zeng, Wandong Wang, Shuangxi Song, Kolan Madhav Reddy, Li Wang, Xiaodong Wang

14-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Effects of Iron Addition on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Two-Phase Ni3Al-Ni3V Intermetallic Alloys

Hikaru Kato, Satoshi Semboshi, Yasuyuki Kaneno, Takayuki Takasugi

18-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Solution Annealing of Super Duplex Stainless Steel: Correlating Corrosion Performance with Grain Size and Phase-Specific Chemistry

Riya Mondal, A. Rajagopal, Sunil Kumar Bonagani, Aditya Prakash, D. Fuloria, P. V. Sivaprasad, G. Chai, V. Kain, I. Samajdar

12-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Microstructural Instability and Precipitation Behaviors of Intermetallic Phases in a Nb-Containing CoNi-Based Superalloy

Zhongding Fan, Xinguang Wang, Yanhong Yang, Hao Chen, Zhigang Yang, Chi Zhang

02-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Designing High Corrosion Resistant Peritectic Magnesium Alloys via Sc and Y Addition

Pengyu Zhao, Tian Xie, Xinmei Xu, Hong Zhu, Fuyong Cao, Tao Ying, Xiaoqin Zeng

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Al8Mn5 in High-Pressure Die Cast AZ91: Twinning, Morphology and Size Distributions

G. Zeng, S. S. Shuai, X. Z. Zhu, S. X. Ji, J. W. Xian, C. M. Gourlay

14-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Facile In-Situ Synthesis of Freestanding 3D Nanoporous Cu@Cu2O Hierarchical Nanoplate Arrays as Binder-Free Integrated Anodes for High-Capacity, Long-Life Li-Ion Batteries

Wenbo Liu, Peng Cheng, Shichao Zhang, Sanqiang Shi

28-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Non-stoichiometry Effects and Phase Equilibria in the Uranium-Carbon-Nitrogen Ternary System

Artur A. Salamatin, Fei Peng, Keith Rider, Konstantin G. Kornev

25-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Corrosion and Mechanical Performance of Grade 92 Ferritic-Martensitic Steel After Exposure to Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Andrew Brittan, Jacob Mahaffey, Mark Anderson

09-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The Effect of Strain Rate and Temperature on the Mechanical Behavior of Al/Fe Interface Under Compressive Loading

Zeina G. El Chlouk, Mutasem A. Shehadeh, Ramsey F. Hamade

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