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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 6/2020

Issue 6/2020

Table of Contents ( 55 Articles )

30-04-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 6/2020

Editorial: 50 Years of High Impact Research

Tresa M. Pollock, Antoine Allanore, Amy J. Clarke, Jonathan Cormier, Matthias Militzer, Jian-Feng Nie, Sridhar Seetharaman, Il Sohn

29-01-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 6/2020

An Overview of the Thermomechanical Processing of α/β Titanium Alloys: Current Status and Future Research Opportunities

S. L. Semiatin

05-05-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 6/2020

Solving Recent Challenges for Wrought Ni-Base Superalloys

M. C. Hardy, M. Detrois, E. T. McDevitt, C. Argyrakis, V. Saraf, P. D. Jablonski, J. A. Hawk, R. C. Buckingham, H. S. Kitaguchi, S. Tin

05-05-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 6/2020

Solidification of Metallic Alloys: Does the Structure of the Liquid Matter?

M. Rappaz, Ph. Jarry, G. Kurtuldu, J. Zollinger

05-05-2020 | Metallurgical and Materials Transactions 50th Anniversary Collection | Issue 6/2020

Viewpoint on the Formation and Evolution of Annealing Twins During Thermomechanical Processing of FCC Metals and Alloys

Nathalie Bozzolo, Marc Bernacki

22-03-2020 | Communication | Issue 6/2020

Creep of the Matrix During Coalescence and Overgrowth of Graphite Precipitates in a High-Silicon Spheroidal Graphite Iron Submitted to Thermal Cycling in the Ferritic Domain

Tito Andriollo, Jacques Lacaze, Niels Tiedje

25-03-2020 | Communication | Issue 6/2020

A New Sight of the Growth Characteristics of Solidified Al3Ni at the Liquid–Solid Interface by Synchrotron Radiography and 3D Tomography

Zongye Ding, Qiaodan Hu, Fan Yang, Wenquan Lu, Tianxing Yang, Sheng Cao, Jianguo Li

30-03-2020 | Communication | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Heterogeneous Nucleation of Eutectic Structure in Al-Mg-Si Alloys

Zhongping Que, Yun Wang, Zhongyun Fan

09-04-2020 | Communication | Issue 6/2020

Outstanding Tensile Ductility in High Iron-Containing Al-Si-Cu Alloys

Brenda Juliet Martins Freitas, Alberto Moreira Jorge Junior, Guilherme Zepon, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami, Walter José Botta, Claudemiro Bolfarini

15-04-2020 | Communication | Issue 6/2020

Effect of Si on the Growth Behavior of the Fe2Al5 Phase at Al-xSi(liquid)/Fe(solid) Interface During Holding by In-Situ Synchrotron Radiography

Naifang Zhang, Qiaodan Hu, Fan Yang, Wenquan Lu, Zongye Ding, Sheng Cao, Liao Yu, Xuan Ge, Jianguo Li

19-04-2020 | Communication | Issue 6/2020

Significant Grain Refinement in the Simulated Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) of Ferritic Stainless Steels by Alloying with Tungsten

Liangliang Wei, Liqing Chen, Houlong Liu, R. D. K. Misra

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Phase Transformation and Atypical Variants in an Extruded Two Phase Zirconium Tube

D. Kerr, C. Cochrane, M. R. Daymond

19-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Effects of Y on the Deformation Mechanisms of Extruded Mg-Y Sheets During Room-Temperature Compression

L. J. Long, G. H. Huang, D. D. Yin, B. Ji, H. Zhou, Q. D. Wang

14-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Directionally Solidified Nickel-Based Superalloy: Mechanistic and Microstructural Aspect

R. K. Rai, J. K. Sahu, N. Paulose, C. Fernando

22-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Tensile Behavior of Air Plasma Spray MCrAlY Coatings: Role of High Temperature Agings and Process Defects

Damien Texier, Clément Cadet, Thomas Straub, Chris Eberl, Vincent Maurel

05-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Influence of Grain Refinement and Microstructure on Fatigue Behavior for Solid-State Additively Manufactured Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy

D. Z. Avery, B. J. Phillips, C. J. T. Mason, M. Palermo, M. B. Williams, C. Cleek, O. L. Rodriguez, P. G. Allison, J. B. Jordon

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Sliding Wear Behavior of Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened FeMnNi Alloy Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering

Lu Yang, Cancan Zhao, Weiwei Zhu, Zhuo Cheng, Pengbo Wei, Fuzeng Ren

13-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

The Effect of Second Tempering on Hydrogen Embrittlement of Ultra-High-Strength Steel

Zheng Wang, Bo Kan, Juanping Xu, Jinxu Li

09-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Delamination Morphology Maps of Chromium Oxide Scales Formed on Cr-Based Alloys

M. Guerain, P. Goudeau, J. L. Grosseau-Poussard

13-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Significantly Enhanced Wear Resistance of an Ultrafine-Grained CrFeNi Medium-Entropy Alloy at Elevated Temperatures

Dingshan Liang, Cancan Zhao, Weiwei Zhu, Pengbo Wei, Feilong Jiang, Fuzeng Ren

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Investigation on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-1.0Fe Alloy with Equiaxed α + β Microstructures

Yan Chong, Ruixiao Zheng, Guanyu Deng, Akinobu Shibata, Nobuhiro Tsuji

16-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Process Parametric Dependency of Axial Downward Force and Macro- and Microstructural Morphologies in Ultrasonically Assisted Friction Stir Welding of Al/Mg Alloys

Sachin Kumar, Chuansong Wu, Song Gao

18-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Initial Boron Uptake and Kinetics of Transient Liquid Phase Bonding in Ni-Based Superalloys

E. D. Moreau, S. F. Corbin

25-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Interface Kinematics of Laser Impact Welding of Ni and SS304 Based on Jet Indentation Mechanism

Xiao Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Feng Li, Jiaxin Lu, Huixia Liu

31-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Effect of Morphological Change of Ni3Sn4 Intermetallic Compounds on the Growth Kinetics in Electroless Ni-P/Sn-3.5Ag Solder Joint

Yoonchul Sohn

22-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Effect of Welding Speed on Texture in Laser-Welded Dual-Phase Steel

Subhajit Mitra, Kanwer Singh Arora, Basudev Bhattacharya, Shiv Brat Singh

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Relationship Between Impact Toughness and Microstructure for the As-Rolled and Simulated HAZ of Low-Carbon Steel Containing Ti-Ca Oxide Particles

Xin Wang, Chao Wang, Jian Kang, Guodong Wang, Devesh Misra, Guo Yuan

30-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Segmentation and Alignment of Nd2Fe14B Platelets in Nd-Cu Eutectic Alloys Using the Electromagnetic Vibration Technique

Mingjun Li, Takuya Tamura

12-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

The Nature of Native MgO in Mg and Its Alloys

Shihao Wang, Yun Wang, Quentin Ramasse, Zhongyun Fan

09-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

An In-Situ Diagnostic Study of Electromagnetic Stirring Effects on Peritectic Solidification Kinetics for Containerlessly Processed Liquid Fe-Ti Alloys

Y. H. Wu, J. Chang, L. Hu, S. Sha, X. Cai, S. S. Xu, B. Wei

16-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Microstructure Evolution and Phase Formation of Fe25Ni25CoxMoy Multi-principal-Component Alloys

N. Liu, W. Ding, X. J. Wang, C. Mu, J. J. Du, L. X. Liu

13-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

δ-Ferrite Formation and Its Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Heavy-Section AISI 316 Stainless Steel Casting

Qiyu Wang, Shenghu Chen, Lijian Rong

29-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Impact of a Multi-step Heat Treatment on Different Manufacturing Routes of 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel

Paranjayee Mandal, Maider Olasolo, Laurie Da Silva, Himanshu Lalvani

03-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Influence of Intercritical Temperature on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 6.5 Pct Ni Steel Processed by Ultra-fast Cooling, Intercritical Quenching and Tempering

Qi-Yuan Chen, Wei-Na Zhang, Zhang-Long Xie, Jia-Kuan Ren, Jun Chen, Zhen-Yu Liu

06-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Quenching and Partitioning–Based Heat Treatment for Rolled Grinding Steel Balls

V. I. Zurnadzhy, V. G. Efremenko, K. M. Wu, A. G. Lekatou, K. Shimizu, Yu. G. Chabak, D. S. Zotov, E. V. Dunayev

05-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Subtleties Behind Hydrogen Embrittlement of Cadmium-Plated 4340 Steel Revealed by Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy and Sustained-Load Tests

J. Bellemare, S. Laliberté-Riverin, D. Ménard, M. Brochu, F. Sirois

12-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Viscoplastic Self-consistent Modeling of the Through-Thickness Texture of a Hot-Rolled Al-Mg-Si Plate

Georg Falkinger, Peter Simon, Stefan Mitsche

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Investigation of Surface Segregation in Fe-Cr-Si Alloys by XPS

K. Idczak, R. Idczak

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Preparation of Fine-Grained W-Ni-Fe Alloys by Using W Nanopowders

Zhi-Bo Li, Kai He, Guo-Hua Zhang, Kuo-Chih Chou

22-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Explaining Deviatoric Residual Stresses in Aluminum Matrix Composites with Complex Microstructure

S. Evsevleev, I. Sevostianov, T. Mishurova, M. Hofmann, G. Garcés, G. Bruno

31-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Concentration-Dependent High-Temperature Deformation Mechanism of Hexagonal Close-Packed Ti-Al Alloys

Hao Wu, Kun Xu, Qinggang Li, Junyan Wu, Zhi Wang

09-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Aging of an Al-Mg-Si Alloy with a Silicon Excess and Reinforced with Ceramic Particles

G. Meyruey, V. Massardier, M. Perez

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Interdiffusion, Solubility Limit, and Role of Entropy in FCC Al-Co-Cr-Fe-Ni Alloys

Abhishek Mehta, Yongho Sohn

19-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Unusual Iron Nitride Formation Upon Nitriding Fe-Si Alloy

S. R. Meka, A. Schubert, E. Bischoff, E. J. Mittemeijer

19-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Preparation of Pulse Electrodeposited Ni-B Coating with RSM Software and Evaluation of Its Microhardness and Electrochemical Behavior

Somayeh Ahmadiyeh, Ali Rasooli, Mir Ghasem Hosseini

01-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Effects of Robotic Hammer Peening on Structural Properties of Ni-Based Single-Crystal Superalloy: Dislocation Slip Traces and Crystallographic Reorientations

Hongfei Liu, Chee Kiang Ivan Tan, Wei Shin Cheng, Guo Wei Lim, Dennis C. Tan, Coryl J. Lee, Jayce J. Cheng, Henry K. F. Cheng, Louiz C. Lee

27-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020 Open Access

Connecting Diffraction-Based Strain with Macroscopic Stresses in Laser Powder Bed Fused Ti-6Al-4V

Tatiana Mishurova, Katia Artzt, Jan Haubrich, Sergei Evsevleev, Alexander Evans, Matthias Meixner, Itziar Serrano Munoz, Igor Sevostianov, Guillermo Requena, Giovanni Bruno

23-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Dental Co-Cr-Mo-W Alloys Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting at Different Subsequent Heat Treatment Temperatures

Wei Wei, Yanan Zhou, Qi Sun, Ning Li, Jiazhen Yan, Haopeng Li, Wenbo Liu, Chongxiang Huang

21-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Process-Dependent Composition, Microstructure, and Printability of Al-Zn-Mg and Al-Zn-Mg-Sc-Zr Alloys Manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Le Zhou, Holden Hyer, Saket Thapliyal, Rajiv S. Mishra, Brandon McWilliams, Kyu Cho, Yongho Sohn

03-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Mechanical Performance Improvement by Nitrogen Addition in N-CoCrNi Compositionally Complex Alloys

Dennis Edgard Jodi, Nuri Choi, Joohyun Park, Nokeun Park

29-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Compressive and Corrosion Properties of Lotus-Type Porous Mg-Mn Alloys Fabricated by Unidirectional Solidification

Canxu Zhou, Yuan Liu, Huawei Zhang, Xiang Chen, Yanxiang Li

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

The Fracture Behavior of 7085-T74 Al Alloy Ultra-Thick Plate During High Cycle Fatigue

Pan Dai, Xian Luo, Yanqing Yang, Zongde Kou, Bin Huang, Jinxin Zang, Jigang Ru

17-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Corrosion and Tribocorrosion Behavior of Ti-40Nb and Ti-25Nb-5Fe Alloys Processed by Powder Metallurgy

Ihsan Çaha, Alexandra Alves, Caterina Chirico, Ana Pinto, Sophia Tsipas, Elena Gordo, Fatih Toptan

19-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Accelerating the Discovery of New DP Steel Using Machine Learning-Based Multiscale Materials Simulations

Abdallah A. Chehade, Tarek M. Belgasam, Georges Ayoub, Hussein M. Zbib

19-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Influence of Graphene, SiCnp, and G/SiCnp Hybrid Fillers on the Strengthening Mechanisms of Al-Matrix

Mohamed Shokeir, Sandy El Moghazi, Ahmed F. Omara, Ahmed ElGhazaly, Mohamed M. Emara, Hanadi G. Salem

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