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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 9/2006

Issue 9/2006

Table of Contents ( 27 Articles )

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Anisotropy of segregation at grain boundaries and surfaces

Paul Wynblatt, Dominique Chatain

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Effects of Ru on the high-temperature phase stability of Ni-base single-crystal superalloys

A. C. Yeh, S. Tin

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

On the crystal structure ofZ-phase Cr(V,Nb)N

Hilmar K. Danielsen, John Hald, Flemming B. Grumsen, Marcel A. J. Somers

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Crystallographic features of theγ-to-α transformation in a Nb-added transformation-induced plasticity steel

Youliang He, John J. Jonas, Stéphane Godet, Pascal J. Jacques

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Identification of true twinning modes in the Ni2V phase

J. B. Singh, M. Sundararaman

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Microstructural characterization of multicomponent Nb-Ti-Si-Cr-Al-X alloys

Raghvendra Tewari, Hyo-Jin Song, Vijay K. Vasudevan, Amit Chatterjee

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Effect of artificial aging time on the mechanical properties of weldment on API 5L X-52 line pipe steel

B. Vargas-Arista, J. M. Hallen, A. Albiter, C. Angeles-Chavez

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

The sequence of precipitation in the Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy AA6111

Xiang Wang, Shahrzad Esmaeili, David J. Lloyd

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Numerical modeling of diffusion-induced deformation

J. A. Dantzig, W. J. Boettinger, J. A. Warren, G. B. McFadden, S. R. Coriell, R. F. Sekerka

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

High-strain-rate superplasticity in bulk cryomilled ultra-fine-grained 5083 Al

Manish Chauhan, Indranil Roy, Farghalli A. Mohamed

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Deformation and failure of a superplastic AA5083 aluminum material with a cu addition

W. Paul Green, Mary-Anne Kulas, Amanda Niazi, Eric M. Taleff, Keiichiro Oishi, Paul E. Krajewski, Terry R. McNelley

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Influence of the second phase on the room-temperature tensile and creep deformation mechanisms of α-β titanium alloys: Part I. Tensile deformation

A. Jaworski Jr., S. Ankem

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Influence of the second phase on the room-temperature tensile and creep deformation mechanisms of α-β titanium alloys, part II: Creep deformation

A. Jaworski Jr., Pa. S. Ankem

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Density and viscosity of molten Zn-Al alloys

Y. H. Liu

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Stir zone microstructure and strain rate during Al 7075-T6 friction stir spot welding

A. Gerlich, G. Avramovic-Cingara, T. H. North

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Microstructural study of transient liquid phase bonded cast INCONEL 738LC superalloy

O. A. Idowu, O. A. Ojo, M. C. Chaturvedi

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Dendrite growth directions in aluminum-zinc alloys

F. Gonzales, M. Rappaz

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Spheroidal particle stability in semisolid processing

R. A. Martinez, A. Karma, M. C. Flemings

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

A solidification diagram for Ni-Cr-Mo-Gd alloys estimated by quantitative microstructural characterization and thermal analysis

D. F. Susan, C. V. Robino, M. J. Minicozzi, J. N. DuPont

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Application of Work-of-sintering concepts in powder metals

Deborah C. Blaine, Seong Jin Park, Randall M. German, Pavan Suri

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Densification behavior of tungsten heavy alloy based on master sintering curve concept

S. J. Park, Randall M. German, J. M. Martin, J. F. Guo, J. L. Johnson

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Properties of closed-cell nickel-graphite composite

Ai Liu, Gerhard E. Welsch, Robert L. Mullen, Dov Hazony

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Modeling recrystallization kinetics in AA1050 following simulated breakdown rolling

S. P. Chen, S. Van der Zwaag

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Metal-gas eutectic growth during unidirectional solidification

Yuan Liu, Yanxiang Li, Jiang Wan, Huawei Zhang

01-09-2006 | Issue 9/2006

Strain-path effects on the evolution of microstructure and texture during the severe-plastic deformation of aluminum

A. A. Salem, T. G. Langdon, T. R. McNelley, S. R. Kalidindi, S. L. Semiatin

01-09-2006 | Communications | Issue 9/2006

Dynamic deformation and fracture behaviors of two Zr-based amorphous alloys

Dong-Geun Lee, Yang Gon Kim, Sunghak Lee, Nack J. Kim

01-09-2006 | Communications | Issue 9/2006

Low absorbed energy ductile dimple fracture in lower shelf region in an ultrafine grained ferrite/cementite steel

Ming-Chun Zhao, Toshihiro Hanamura, Hai Qiu, Fuxing Yin, Kotobu Nagai, Han Dong, Ke Yang

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