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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 3/2006

Issue 3/2006

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

The science and technology of steelmaking—Measurements, models, and manufacturing

Alexander McLean

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

A novel probe for detecting gas bubbles in liquid metals

M. Schneider, J. W. Evans

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Carbothermic reduction of zinc sulfide in the presence of calcium carbonate

Che-Ming Wu, Chun-I Lin, Hsi-Kuei Chen

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Rotating magnetic field-driven flows in conductive inhomogeneous media: Part I—Numerical study

Petr A. Nikrityuk, Kerstin Eckert, Roger Grundmann

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Inclusion removal by bubble flotation in a continuous casting mold

Lifeng Zhang, Jun Aoki, Brian G. Thomas

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Sensing of sulfur in molten metal using strontium β-alumina

M. A. Swetnam, R. V. Kumar, D. J. Fray

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Water vapor solubility in ladle-refining slags

Jenny Brandberg, Du Sichen

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Interfacial reaction between CO2-CO gas and molten iron oxide containing P2O5

Xiaojun Hu, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Fumitaka Tsukihashi

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Accurate predictions for the viscosities of several liquid transition metals, plus barium and strontium

Takamichi Iida, Roderick Guthrie, Michaiela Isac, Nagendra Tripathi

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Chlorination kinetics of ZnO with Ar-Cl2-O2 gas and the effect of oxychloride formation

Hiroyuki Matsuura, Fumitaka Tsukihashi

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Investigation of wetting characteristics of liquid iron on dense MgAION-based ceramics by X-ray sessile drop technique

Z. T. Zhang, T. Matsushita, S. Seetharaman, W. C. Li

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

A constitutive model for the tensile deformation of a binary aluminum alloy at high fractions of solid

Daniel Larouche, Joseph Langlais, Weili Wu, Michel Bouchard

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Capillary puddle vibrations linked to casting-defect formation in planar-flow melt spinning

Cormac J. Byrne, Eric A. Theisen, Paul H. Steen, Barry L. Reed

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Influence of carbon structure and mineral association of coals on their combustion characteristics for pulverized coal injection (PCI) application

Sushil Gupta, Veena Sahajwalla, Yaser Al-Omari, David French

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

A compensation method for the disturbance in the temperature field caused by subsurface thermocouples

E. Caron, M. A. Wells, D. Li

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

The study of surface-active element oxygen on flow patterns and penetration in A-TIG welding

Yuzhen Zhao, Yaowu Shi, Yongping Lei

01-06-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Oxide skin strength on molten aluminum

Martin Syvertsen

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