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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

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Structure and Reactivity of Low-Rank Coal Chars Prepared from Fluidized Bed and Moving Bed Pyrolyzers and the Potential for Using Them in Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI)

Utilizing pyrolysis chars as the injection fuel in a blast furnace can reduce the dependence on high-quality pulverized coal injection (PCI) coal. In this study, the physical properties and reaction characteristics of chars prepared from two …


Thermal Properties of Carbon-Containing Iron Ore Composite Prepared by Vapor Deposition of Tar for Limonite

The optimal conditions for preparing composites, in which tar-derived carbonaceous materials completely fill the pores in Indonesian limonite(IL), were investigated using the vapor deposition (VD) method of tar. Characterization of the composites …

12-07-2019 | Communication

Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics of Boron Removal from Molten Silicon via CaO-SiO2-CaCl2 Slag Treatment and Ammonia Injection

To improve the boron-removal efficiency of metallurgical-grade silicon by increasing the reaction rate, a combined method with the 30 mol pct CaO-23.3 mol pct SiO2-46.7 mol pct CaCl2 slag treatment and ammonia injection at 1723 K to 1823 K was …

12-07-2019 | Communication

Tuning Weld Metal Mechanical Responses via Welding Flux Optimization of TiO2 Content: Application into EH36 Shipbuilding Steel

A series of TiO2-containing basic-fluoride-type agglomerated fluxes was applied to join EH36 shipbuilding steel under high heat input SAW. The effects of TiO2 content on composition, microstructure features, inclusions characteristics, and …


Porosity Prediction in A356 Wheel Casting

A FLUENT™-based thermal-fluid-compositional model has been developed and applied to a low-pressure, die-cast, A356 aluminum alloy wheel to explore the effects of macro-segregation of hydrogen and late-stage liquid encapsulation on pore formation …

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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, an archival peer-reviewed bi-monthly publication, is uniquely focused on process metallurgy and materials processing science.

Coverage emphasizes the theoretical and engineering aspects of the processing of metals and other materials, including studies of electro- and physical chemistry, mass transport, modeling, and related computer applications. The journal is published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

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