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Metallurgist 1-2/2005

Issue 1-2/2005

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

01-01-2005 | Industrial Safety | Issue 1-2/2005

Analysis of the Degree of Conformity of the Compositions of Exothermic Mixtures to Standards on Environmental and Explosion Safety

I. V. Babaitsev, N. A. Smirnova, O. V. Prokopova

01-01-2005 | Science, Technology, Industry | Issue 1-2/2005

Ways of Improving the Efficiency of the Production of Cast Iron and Ferroalloys in Blast Furnaces and Electric Furnaces

G. V. Dzhandieri

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Converter Production of Clean Naturally Alloyed Steel from Vanadium Pig Iron for Use in Transportation Equipment

S. K. Nosov, V. A. Sinel’nikov, A. A. Kirichkov, P. I. Yugov, A. V. Amelin, S. I. Yaburov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Production of Boron-Bearing Grades of Steel with a Regulated Sulfur Content at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant

A. I. Zorin, A. L. Podkorytov, V. B. Zakharov, S. N. Kovaleva

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

New Weldable High-Strength Wear-Resistant Steel with a Minimum Tensile Strength of 1050 N/mm2

V. N. Nikitin, S. I. Kiselev, T. N. Popova, V. M. Maslyuk, V. Yu. Kolesnikov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Improving the Technology and Production Practices in Tube-Drawing Shops

M. P. Mori, A. A. Bogatov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Burner for Kilns

V. V. Koptsev

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Technology for Obtaining Special Shapes Made of Lead Alloys

A. I. Shevelev, S. G. Synkov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Scientific-Technical Support for Innovation at Companies, Research Institutes, and Other Organizations in the Metallurgical Sector

Al. G. Shalimov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Pyrometallurgical Technology for Processing Titanomagnetites from the Tebinbulak Deposit

A. N. Dmitriev, Ya. S. Mukhitdinov, V. R. Rakhimov, F. G. Sitdikov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Methods of Intensifying Blast-Furnace Operation

I. E. Sperkach, I. F. Kurunov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Mold with Slot-Like Channels and Nickel-Coated Walls for Radial-Type Continuous Slab Casters

A. A. Makrushin, A. V. Kuklev, Yu. M. Aizin, S. V. Zarubin, A. M. Lamukhin, V. G. Ordin, A. G. Lunev, A. Ya. Gruzdev

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Stabilizing the Mechanical Properties of the Rolled Products after Reconstruction of the Laminar Cooling System on a 1700 Continuous Hot-Strip Mill

O. V. Ivantsov, B. K. Kaskin, A. M. Vas’kin, A. S. Viventsov, E. A. Zimakov

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

New Technologies for Making High-Quality Drill Pipe

Yu. V. Bodrov, P. Yu. Gorozhanin, A. I. Grekhov, S. Yu. Zhukova, M. N. Lefler, S. R. Agaev

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Russian Lubricating Oils for Rolling Mills with Fluid-Friction Bearings

N. I. Grigor’eva, G. I. Tarabaev, S. N. Kudryavtsev, I. A. Gavrilova

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Automation of Production Processes in Metallurgy

A. N. Nikulin

01-01-2005 | Issue 1-2/2005

Electro-Impulsive Nanotechnology for Preparing an Aluminum — Refractory-Metal Master Alloy

L. G. Znamenskii, O. V. Ivochkina, B. A. Kulakov

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