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Metallurgist 1-2/2006

Issue 1-2/2006

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Problems and strategy in regard to development of the reserves of carbon-bearing raw materials for Russian industry

A. N. Seleznev, A. A. Sviridov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Technology for blowing in a blast furnace on ferromanganese

F. L. Skuridin, S. V. Shepilov, A. E. Paren’kov, Yu. S. Yusfin, Yu. S. Karabasov, S. L. Paren’kov, K. L. Kosyrev, E. A. Bodyagin, A. B. Usachev, I. V. Mikhin

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Modernization of the secondary cooling system on a curvilinear caster in the converter shop at the Severstal’ Metallurgical Combine

A. V. Kuklev, Yu. M. Aizin, V. V. Tinyakov, G. V. Sgibnev, A. K. Izhik, V. G. Ordin, S. D. Zinchenko, A. D. Tsvetkov, A. L. Myasnikov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Possibilities for raising the strength classification of ultralow-carbon steels exhibiting the BH-effect

Yu. I. Larin, V. A. Pimenov, E. Kh. Shakhpazov, I. G. Rodionova, D. A. Burko, E. S. Fomin, T. M. Efimova, A. D. Gorin, D. G. Ruzaev, I. P. Chistyakov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Rolled-products manufacturing in Russian Ferrous Metallurgy during 2004–2005: Objectives for the near term

L. V. Radyukevich

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Technology for making oil and gas line pipe of strength class X42

Yu. V. Bodrov, A. I. Grekhov, P. Yu. Gorozhanin, M. N. Lefler, S. Yu. Zhukova, I. Yu. Pyshmintsev, I. N. Veselov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Production of high-strength tubes made of steels of type 15GFB

V. G. Kashakashvili, S. Ya. Kurashvili, A. G. Gordeziani, A. N. Gagnidze

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Recovering and recycling scrap from dumps containing steelmaking slags

Yu. A. Kabanov, O. A. Stolyarskii, E. N. Agapeev

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Potential for the use of low-grade limonite ores from dumps

A. A. Panychev

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Automatic system for predicting the viscoplastic region in a blast furnace

I. P. Fedorov, L. D. Nikitin, S. F. Bugaev

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Production of high-weldability steel for large-diameter pipe

S. Yu. Nastich, Yu. D. Morozov, B. F. Zin’ko, V. L. Kornilov, S. V. Denisov, E. A. Kudryakov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

New steel for hot-forging dies

A. B. Steblov, D. V. Lenartovich, E. I. Ponkratin

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Increasing the corrosion resistance of low-alloy and carbon steels for automobile construction by optimizing the metallurgical technology

E. Kh. Shakhpazov, I. G. Rodionova, O. N. Baklanova, A. I. Zaitsev, D. A. Burko, A. D. Gorin, S. D. Zinchenko

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Status and prospects of out-of-furnace treatments of steel in Russia

Ya. L. Kats

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

New generation of thermal imaging systems for thermal monitoring of the lining of metallurgical furnaces

V. I. Zavidei, V. A. Sizov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

The transformation of defects in continuous-cast semifinished products into surface defects on rolled products

A. B. Sychkov, M. A. Zhigarev, A. V. Perchatkin, S. N. Mazanov, V. S. Zenin

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Aspects of the piercing of shells made of hypereutectoid silumins on a universal 20–60 rotary rolling mill

E. I. Panov

01-01-2006 | Issue 1-2/2006

Developing efficient regimes of thermomechanical treatment for obtaining quality strip made of beryllium bronzes

V. L. Zisel’man, R. L. Shatalov, A. V. Aldunin

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