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Metallurgist 1-2/2011

Issue 1-2/2011

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Development of methods for mathematical modeling of thermophysical processes in industrial fuel furnaces

V. A. Arutyunov, I. A. Levitskii, T. B. Ibadullaev

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Paths to the growth of steel production: XI International congress of steelmakers

K. L. Kosyrev, G. N. Elanskii, M. S. Fomichev, V. M. Parshin, Al. G. Shalimov

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Evaluation of reaction parameters during deoxidation and desulfurization of molten iron

E. A. Chichkarev

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Study of the temperature regimes in the heating and piercing of steel ingots to obtain thick-walled shells

V. P. Romanenko, P. L. Alekseev, E. A. Kharitonov, A. A. Yandimirov, A. A. Sevastyanov

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Features of structural changes through the cross section of sheet rolled from high strength skelp steels

A. I. Kovalev, D. L. Vainshtein, A. Yu. Rashkovskii, E. I. Khlusova, V. V. Orlov

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Effect of controlled rolling regimes on the structure and properties of microalloyed steels for large diameter pipes

L. I. Efron, Yu. D. Morozov, E. A. Goli-Oglu

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Production of stabilized high-strength reinforcement steel for the new generation of ferroconcrete railroad ties

V. N. Lebedev, A. G. Korchunov, M. V. Chukin

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Vacuum electrothermal equipment: achievements and prospects

I. I. Vatulin, V. V. Miklushevskii, O. B. Minkov, A. V. Sukharev, V. A. Sukharev

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Properties of molybdenum alloys after different shaping operations

I. O. Ershova, V. B. Akimenko, O. B. Fedotenkova

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Systems evaluation of the factors that affect the efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator used to clean waste gases

V. F. Berdyshev, K. S. Shatokhin, E. A. Moshkina

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Comprehensive evaluation of coals in Western and Eastern Siberia as a raw material for making pulverized-coal fuel for blast furnaces

M. B. Shkoller

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Modernization of the secondary cooling system of a continuous slab caster at ural steel

A. V. Kuklev, V. V. Tinyakov, A. M. Longinov, S. E. Enzel, E. V. Yakushev, B. M. Korovin

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Development of a theory of the strength of continuous-cast semifinished products made of peritectic low-alloy steel

Yu. A. Samoilovich

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

New types of unfavorable nonmetallic inclusions based on MgO–Al2O3 and metallurgical factors governing their content in metal. Part 1. Reasons and mechanisms for formation in steel of nonmetallic inclusions based on alumina magnesia spinel

A. I. Zaitsev, I. G. Rodionova, G. V. Semernin, N. G. Shaposhnikov, A. Yu. Kazankov

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Horizontal HCC-12000 unit for the continuous casting of semifinished products

J. Bast, S. M. Gorbatyuk, I. Yu. Kryukov

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Effect of aluminum and calcium on the ductility of thin sheet shipbuilding steel in the Z-direction

V. G. Milyuts, N. V. Malakhov, N. F. Vladimirov, Yu. M. Batov

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Fracture of the materials and elements of steel structures

L. I. Gladshtein

01-05-2011 | Issue 1-2/2011

Structure and properties of powder hot-stamped materials based on the Fe–Mn–C composition

R. V. Batienkov, V. Yu. Dorofeev, Zh. V. Eremeeva

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