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Metallurgist 1-2/2013

Issue 1-2/2013

Table of Contents ( 24 Articles )

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

On choosing software for simulating metal-forming processes

M. M. Skripalenko, M. N. Skripalenko

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Effect of the Average Velocity of the Free Part of the Semifinished Product on the Process of Pneumothermal Forming in the Superplastic Regime

A. K. Shmakov, V. Mironenko, K. K. Kirishina, A. S. Stanislavchik, V. V. Kotov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Choosing the Parameters of a Blast-Furnace Smelting Technology That Includes the Injection of Coal-Gasification Products

I. G. Tovarovskii, A. E. Merkulov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

XII International congress of steelmakers

G. N. Elanskii, A E. Semin, I. N. Shifrin, V. M. Parshin, Ya. Sh. Shkolnik, G. A. Zinyagin

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Assessment of changes in the level of foaming of steelmaking slag in a BOF from the standpoint of percolation theory and fractal geometry

A. A. Kozhukhov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Thermodynamic study of carbon reaction with steel-smelting dust components

I. E. Doronin, A. G. Svyazhin

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Nonuniformity of steel plate mechanical properties after controlled rolling with accelerated cooling

E. A. Goli-Oglu, L. I. Efron

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Technology and equipment of a space-saving metallurgical complex for producing wire rod in coils

A. A. Zlobin, S. A. Zlobin

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Trends in the technology and equipment for the production of copper tubes and bars from continuous-cast semifinished products in Russia

V. A. Vasiliev

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Analysis of food product packaging melting for aluminum alloy preparation

S. Michna, P. Majrich

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Combined processing of Erdenet Ore-Dressing Plant pyrite concentrates

N. Ts. Semun, S. V. Mamyachenkov, D. A. Rogozhnikov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Processing of technogenic lead-containing intermediates using complexing agent solutions

V. A. Sergeev, Yu. F. Sergeeva, S. V. Mamyachenkov, O. S. Anisimova, S. V. Karelov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Controlling thickness variation during pneumothermal forming in the superplastic regime

S. A. Osipov, V. V. Mironenko, N. V. Maksimenko, V. V. Kotov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Feasibility of Improving Energy Efficiency When Using Technologies That Produce Iron Outside the Blast Furnace

R. A. Kazakov, P. I. Chernousov, V. P. Zvolinskii, N. A. Korotchenko

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Mechanism of Sorption Equilibrium in the Recovery of Zinc, Calcium, and Magnesium from Waste Water by the Use of Iminodiacetate Resins

K. L. Timofeev, S. S. Naboichenko

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Experience with Stabilization of the Chemical Composition of Sinter by Means of the MAYA on-Line Analyzer

D. N. Tikhonov, N. R. Mansurova, A. M. Baryshnikov, G. E. Isaenko, N. A. Titov, V. S. Istomin, O. A. Semenov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Experience with the Use of Extrusion Briquettes (brex) to Make Ferrosilicomanganese

A. M. Bizhanov, G. S. Podgorodetskyi, I. F. Kurunov, V. Ya. Dashevskyi, G. A. Farnasov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Improvement of Chemical Composition and Production Regimes for Manufacture of K65–K70 (X80–X90) Strip Based on Simulation

A. A. Kruglova, V. V. Orlov, O. V. Sych, E. I. Khlusova

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Development of Alloying and Controlled Rolling Parameters Providing the Required Level of Mechanical Properties and Cold Resistance for Pipe Steel of Strength Class K60 in a Ural Steel 2800 Mill

I. P. Shabalov, E. V. Yakushev, V. N. Zikeev, Yu. D. Morozov

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Revelation of Former Austenite Grains by Thermal Etching in a Vacuum with Low-Carbon Steel TMT Simulation

T. V. Soshina, A. A. Zisman, E. I. Khlusova

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Developing a Flat-Rolled Product for the Metal Structures of Vertical Oil Storage Tanks

L. I. Gladshtein, V. K. Vostrov, I. F. Pemov, E. V. Yakushev

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Ensuring the Quality of the Surface of Turbine Blades by the Application of Protective Diffusion Coatings

M. R. Orlov, O. G. Ospennikova, F. N. Karachevtsev

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Phase Formation during Nonequilibrium Crystallization of Al–Mg–Si System Alloys

V. M. Zamyatin, K. Yu. Shmakova

01-05-2013 | Issue 1-2/2013

Evaluation of Possible Mechanical Property Improvement for Alloy of the Al–Fe–Si–Mn System by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing

A. B. Naizabekov, V. A. Andreyashchenko

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