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Metallurgist 11-12/2002

Issue 11-12/2002

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Dynamics of the Change in the Concentration of a Toxic Substance Inside a Factory Building When the Outside Air Is Polluted

A. V. Zinov'ev, A. V. Ivanov, B. S. Mastryukov

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Production of Aluminum Alloys: Status and Prospects

G. S. Makarov

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Features of the Production of Railroad Wheels with More Durable Rims

A. I. Ron'zhin, G. P. Barinova, A. S. Grinshpon, Yu. S. Demin, S. G. Maksimov, G. A. Filippov, A. A. Kononov

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Effect of Calcium on the Quality of Tube Steel

D. A. Dyudkin, S. E. Grinberg, A. V. Grabov, S. N. Nazarov, S. A. Motrenko, I. G. Pogorelova

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Technological Properties of Briquets Made of Chips of Aluminum and Its Alloys

Ya. L. Kats, S. I. Yaburov, A. N. Nikulin, V. V. Streletskii

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Reducing the Amount of Tin Lost with the Slime from a Sulfamine Tinning Electrolyte

T. I. Belousova, K. Yu. Sotnikov, V. S. Psikov, K. Ya. Vasenin

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Patents and Certificates for Useful Models

V. M. Samsonov

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Plastic Lubricants for Service under Extreme Conditions

A. M. Danilov, A. V. Nesterov

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Features of a Technology for Aluminizing Steel Strip and Criteria of the Quality of the Coating

I. É. Ignat'ev, V. Ya. Bulanov, Yu. V. Kontsevoi, E. V. Ignat'eva, P. P. Savintsev

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Technological Aspects of the Blow-In of a Long-Idle Blast Furnace

V. A. Andreev, A. V. Mokrinskii, E. Ya. Chernyshov, L. B. Unigovskii, V. A. Denisyuk, N. N. Gorshkov, V. Kh. Barinov

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

VII Congress of Steelmakers: The Current State of Research and Steel Production

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Properties and Aspects of the Production of Rolled Products Made of Cast Composite Laminates

V. M. Kondratenko, V. A. Leibenzon, S. S. Kazakov, O. N. Shtekhno, V. G. Knokhin

01-11-2002 | Issue 11-12/2002

Modernization of the Hydraulic System of an 8-MN Radial Forging Machine

V. V. Bodrov, R. M. Bagautdinov, M. E. Goido, P. V. Fedorov, A. V. Shumilov, A. V. Mitrofanov

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