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Metallurgist 11-12/2005

Issue 11-12/2005

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

01-11-2005 | Industrial Safety | Issue 11-12/2005

Mechanism of the effect of retardants on the combustion of gas-air mixtures

I. V. Babaitsev, N. I. Akinin, O. P. Tarasova, T. A. Lushina

01-11-2005 | In the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences | Issue 11-12/2005

Problems with making industrial use of the superplasticity of metals and alloys during their shaping

E. N. Chumachenko, N. N. Grunin

01-11-2005 | Science, Technology, Industry | Issue 11-12/2005

Maintaining the working profile of blast furnaces during service

G. Yu. Kryachko, G. I. Orel, P. A. Vasyuchenko, L. A. Safina

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Mixing of the metal and mass transfer during the tapping of a semifinished product from an oxygen converter

A. A. Svyazhin, E. Krushke

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Ensuring high quality indices for the wire rod used to make metal cord

V. V. Parusov, I. V. Derevyanchenko, A. B. Sychkov, A. M. Nesterenko, É. V. Parusov, M. A. Zhigarev

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Effect of thermomechanical factors on the properties of steel 15GFB

V. G. Kashakashvili, S. Ya. Kurashvili, A. G. Gordeziani, A. N. Gagnidze

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Stability of the mechanical properties of welds along pipes butt-joined by resistance welding with the use of high-frequency current

Yu. I. Pashkov, V. A. Ivanov, S. A. Savel’ev

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Modern cutting line in a plate-finishing section

Yu. G. Bondar’, Yu. N. Belobrov, A. A. Kalashnikov, Yu. Yu. Reuka, A. A. Tunik

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Technological aspects of the production of large semifinished products for parts and components of various types of equipment at the Novokramatorsk Machine Plant

V. A. Nevidomskii, V. M. Gramatnyi, V. P. Gulida

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Charging apparatus with a revolving distributor: Five years of successful operation on blast furnace No. 3 at the Bhilai Metallurgical Plant

B. M. Boranbaev, V. N. Vakulin, V. V. Kamendov, G. V. Abramin, B. L. Zhurakovskii, Yu. M. Glazer

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Behavior of carbon and nitrogen during the continuous casting of IF-type steels with the use of different slag-forming compositions

A. M. Longinov, I. A. Petushkov, S. V. Efimov, Yu. M. Aizin, A. V. Kuklev, D. I. Borodin, S. D. Zinchenko, M. V. Filatov

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Calculation of the optimum operating parameters of a DSP-60/70 arc steelmaking furnace to reduce its consumption of electric power

M. M. Strashnov, Ya. L. Kats

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Prospects for the production of welded and seamless tubes at reduced temperatures

L. G. Marchenko, I. Yu. Pyshmintsev, Yu. V. Samaryanov, V. V. Mul’chin, R. N. Fartushnyi

01-11-2005 | Issue 11-12/2005

Improving the techniques and technology for the rough grinding of metal at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine

V. S. Pyzhov, A. L. Podkorytov, E. M. Komel’kov

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