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Metallurgist 11-12/2018

Issue 11-12/2018

Table of Contents ( 29 Articles )

17-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Prediction of the Fracture of Metal in the Process of Screw Rolling in a Two-Roll Mill

M. M. Skripalenko, B. A. Romantsev, S. P. Galkin, M. N. Skripalenko, L. M. Kaputkina, Tran Ba Huy

16-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Simulation of the Deformation of a Continuously Cast Ingot Depending on the Parameters of Mold Flux

M. P. Gusev, S. V. Zarubin, A. M. Longinov, K. N. Anisimov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Simulation of the Energy States of Electrolyzers with Roasted Anodes at Elevated Currents

I. A. Sysoev, V. V. Kondrat’ev, T. I. Zimina, A. I. Karlina

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Efficient Management of the Charging of Blast Furnaces and the Application of Contemporary Means of Control Over the Variable Technological Conditions

Yu. S. Semenov, E. I. Shumel’chik, V. V. Gorupakha

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Selection of the Bell-Less Top Mode of Operation Based on the Data on the Gas Distribution in the Furnace Top and the Shape of the Melting Zone in the Lower Part of the Blast Furnace

A. A. Tretyak, V. M. Parshakov, V. A. Borisenko

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Manufacture of Low-Sulfur Pipe Steel with Ladle Desulfurization of Cast Iron

S. N. Ushakov, V. A. Avramenko, V. A. Bigeev, A. M. Stolyarov, M. V. Potapova

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Using the Properties of One-Sheeted Hyperboloid in Rolls of Sheet Mill Stands

V. N. Khloponin

09-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Dependence of the Strength of Powder Steel Formed by Electro-Contact Compaction on Iron Powder Preparation Method

T. A. Litvinova, S. N. Egorov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Features of Material Structure During Manufacture of Billets from Nickel-Base Superalloys Granules

A. M. Volkov, A. A. Buyakina

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Study of the Possibility of Preparing Nickel Alloy Polymetallic Material of Different Compositions by Direct Laser Deposition

D. O. Ivanov, A. Ya. Travyanov, P. V. Petrovskii, I. A. Logachev, V. V. Cheverikin, E. V. Alekseeva

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Investigation and Computer Design of the Technological Modes of Continuous Rolling of Thin Brass Strips with Specified Accuracy

R. L. Shatalov, A. S. Lukash, A. M. Zaikin, S. P. Zholobov, A. A. Agafonov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Melting of Gold-Containing Concentrates with Copper Production Lead Slags

E. A. Mazulevskii, T. V. Kovzalenko, B. Seitkhanov, O. P. Dobryakova

18-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Development of a New Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine Construction for Nonferrous and Precious Metal Billets

I. Yu. Kryukov, S. M. Gorbatyuk, L. M. Glukhov, A. Yu. Zarapin

12-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Evaluation of the Effect of Nepheline Sinter Structure on Hydration Activity During Alumina Production

A. V. Aleksandrov, N. V. Nemchinova, G. G. Mineev, A. A. Yakovleva

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Wear and Breakage Resistance of Hard Alloy Coatings Strengthened with Tungsten Carbide

S. A. Sidorov, Ya. P. Lobachevskii, V. K. Khoroshenkov, T. Sh. Akhmedova, D. A. Vorob’ev

09-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Devices for the Formation of Long-Length Products from Powder Materials

L. A. Barkov, M. N. Samodurova, R. A. Zakirov, Yu. S. Latfulina

12-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Correlating Hardness and Welding Dilution with the Abrasion Mass Loss of Hardfacings Welded with Different Currents and Polarities

Hein Zaw Oo, B. Srikarun, P. Muangjunburee

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Nonmetallic Inclusion Distribution within Ingots for Power Generation Engineering Forgings

N. A. Zyuban, D. V. Rutskii, S. B. Gamanyuk, M. V. Kirilichev

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Effect of Continuous Casting Technology on Low-Alloy Steel Structure in Different Production Stages

A. N. Zavalishchin, E. V. Kozhevnikova

17-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Flow Characterization and Inclusions Removal in a Slab Tundish Equipped with Bottom Argon Gas Feeding

C. E. Aguilar-Rodriguez, J. A. Ramos-Banderas, E. Torres-Alonso, G. Solorio-Diaz, C. A. Hernández-Bocanegra

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Control over the Formation of Continuously Cast Billets with the Use of Vibrating Molds in Machines for Continuous Casting

A. S. El’darkhanov, A. S. Nuradinov, S. S.-S. Akhtaev

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Theoretical Foundations of the Design of a Lever Mechanism of Oscillations of the Mold of a Sorting Machine for the Continuous Casting of Billets

A. L. Sotnikov, A. B. Kikin

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Effect of Structural State and Temperature on Crack Generation and Propagation Resistance in Pipe Steels

A. R. Mishet’yan, I. P. Shabalov, O. N. Chevskaya, G. A. Filippov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Study of Low-Carbon Pipe Steel Strain Ageing

I. Yu. Pyshmintsev, M. A. Smirnov, O. V. Varnak, A. N. Mal’tseva, Yu. N. Goikhenberg

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Analysis of Drive Mechanisms for the Working Stand in Periodic Cold-Rolled Pipe Mills

A. G. Kolesnikov, D. S. Cherepanov, A. V. Chekulaev, M. O. Mironova

17-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Elevation of the Wear Resistance of Threads of Tubing Strings Under the Action of Ultrasound

V. A. Morgunov, S. M. Nebogov, I. L. Fedotov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Preparation of Aluminum-Scandium Master Alloys by Aluminothermal Reduction of Scandium Fluoride Extracted from Sc2O3

B. P. Kulikov, V. N. Baranov, A. I. Bezrukikh, V. B. Deev, M. M. Motkov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Prospects of Production of Granular Composite Materials by Method of the Plasma-Centrifugal Atomization

S. V. Bogdanov

13-04-2018 | Issue 11-12/2018

Predicting the Risk of Destruction of Hard-Facing Alloys Based on the Morphology of Their Structure

A. S. Mel’nichenko, A. V. Kudrya, T. Sh. Akhmedova, E. A. Sokolovskaya

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