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Metallurgist 3-4/2006

Issue 3-4/2006

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Stampability of steel sheet and strip in axisymmetric hydraulic forming with fluid counterpressure

S. V. Guk, O. M. Smirnov, R. Kavalla

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Study of ways of reducing coke use at non-integrated metallurgical plants

S. A. Feshchenko, V. I. Pleshkov, I. N. Shishchuk, A. V. Buev

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

The use of Kachkanar raw materials in the smelting of conversion pig iron

A. L. podkorytov, G. V. Gorbunov, N. F. Kochergina, V. A. Andreev

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Developing and mastering a technology for making steel with a sulfur content no greater than 15 ppm

A. V. Vorob’ev, A. V. Gnedash, A. O. Nosochenko

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Use of electromagnetic mixing in the mold during the casting of steel on continuous section casters

D. V. Yurechko, A. V. Sarychev, V. G. Suspitsin, A. S. Kazakov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Promising tube steels for gas pipelines

K. Khulka, S. Aleksandrov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Improving the use of lubricant-coolant media in combination methods of processing rolled products

A. V. Shchedrin, V. V. Ul’yanov, V. M. Skoromnov, A. A. Bekaev, Z. I. Egorova

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Microcontroller-based system for controlling annealing in bell-type furnaces

M. V. Bogush, I. I. Kuz’minov, S. Yu. Orlov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Volumetric out-of-furnace heat treatment of 3600-M3 decomposers

P. B. Lovyrev, A. I. Lavrov, V. A. Babkin, A. N. Aminov, S. M. Melekhin, Yu. P. Kazantsev, P. M. Korol’kov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Comparative analysis of supersonic gas-flame methods of coating application

Yu. S. Korobov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Furnace for processing scrap and waste products

I. B. Kudzagov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Thermodynamics of surface phenomena in liquid metal at phase boundaries

Yu. A. Minaev

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

60 years of powder metallurgy at the I. P. Bardin Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy

V. B. Akimenko

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

High-carbon wire rod made of high-chromium steel

A. B. Sychkov, M. A. Zhigarev, A. V. Perchatkin, V. A. Berkovskii, A. I. Krulik

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Efficiently alloyed ultra-cold-resistant steel for containers used to store and transport liquified natural gas

E. Kh. Shakhpazov, V. N. Zikeev

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Main parameters in the extrusion of tubes made of hard-to-deform complex alloy steels

A. G. Lyal’kov, M. I. Medvedev, A. K. Tsar’kov, N. A. Bespalova

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Main factors affecting the mechanism of structure formation and improvements in the ductility properties of hypereutectoid silumins in three-roll rotary rolling

E. I. Panov

01-03-2006 | Issue 3-4/2006

Development and production of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials

B. V. Molotilov, B. A. Kornienkov, V. V. Sadchikov, M. Yu. Yazvitskii

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