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Metallurgist 3-4/2007

Issue 3-4/2007

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Performance of a multi-junction radial thermocouple on blast furnace No. 1 in 2005

V. A. Andreev, N. F. Kochergina, G. V. Gorbunov, Yu. P. Gorbachev

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Study of steel production with the use of hot-briquetted iron in the cold charge

A. S. Timofeeva, E. S. Timofeev

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Gradient state of the surface layers of iron and nickel after electro-explosive alloying

A. Ya. Bagautdinov, O. A. Tsvirkun, E. A. Budovskikh, Yu. F. Ivanov, V. E. Gromov

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Modeling thermal processes in the mold-ingot system

Z. K. Kabakov, R. V. Sukharev, D. I. Gabelaya

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Modern technology for treating steel outside the furnace with cored wire

D. A. Dyudkin, V. V. Kisilenko

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Development and introduction of the hot-plate mill program

Yu. D. Makarov, I. V. Nedorezov, E. G. Beloglazov, A. M. Stepashin, E. V. Yakushev, Ya. M. Fel’dman, A. P. Mal’tsev

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Modernizing a TESA 102–377 for the production of 426-mm-diam. Tubes

Yu. B. Chechulin, A. F. Kozhukhar’, D. V. Grebnev, B. R. Kartak, A. M. Kauzov, V. I. Shumyakov, G. M. Syukasev, V. B. Pokrovskii

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Measurement of flatness of hot-rolled strips under coiler tension using IP-4 optoelectronic sensors

V. A. Agureev, A. V. Kuryakin, S. V. Trusillo

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Feasibility of regenerating etching acids as part of the metal-etching process

P. Vanya, K. Mets

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Kyoto protocol and the possibilities for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions in the Russian metallurgical sector

M. A. Yulkin

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Use of recycled materials in pig-iron production at a non-integrated metallurgical plant

S. A. Feshchenko, V. I. Pleshkov, B. N. Lizunov, A. A. Lapshin, A. V. Buev

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Use of schungite to blow in a blast furnace after a class II overhaul

N. S. Polyakov, V. N. Polyakov, S. T. Solodkov, A. G. Bryukhov

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Use of resin-bearing wastes from coke and coal chemicals production at the Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Combine

T. N. Kul’kova, N. V. Yablochkin, A. I. Gal’chenko, E. A. Karyakina, V. A. Litvinova, D. A. Gorbach

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Railroad rails made of bainitic steel

V. V. Pavlov, L. A. Godik, L. V. Korneva, N. A. Kozyrev, E. P. Kuznetsov

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Modeling the flame produced by the oxygen jet in converter steelmaking

O. A. Komolova, B. N. Okorokov, P. Yu. Shendrikov

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Improving the durability of the initial sections of continuous casters Nos. 2 and 3 at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine

V. I. Kadoshnikov, S. I. Platov, V. D. Terent’ev, V. V. Bakhmet’ev, V. I. Zav’yalov, A. A. Podosyan

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Economical vacuum degassing of steel with the use of mechanical pumps

V. A. Kuznetsov, Ya. L. Kats

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Study and classification of defects in draw plates made of hard tungsten alloys

Z. A. Mikirova, D. G. Sachava, I. P. Lazebnikova

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Achievement of high requirements for rod and bar of structural-grade and electrotechnical bronze

N. S. Arsent’eva, L. M. Zheleznyak, A. I. Snigirev, O. N. Dashkevich, A. V. Miller, E. V. Kuz’mina

01-03-2007 | Issue 3-4/2007

Adaptation of models for automated design of cold rolling protocols for beryllium bronze strips

R. L. Shatalov, S. Yu. Perederii, V. L. Zisel’man, N. Sh. Boskhamdzhiev, T. A. Koinov

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