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Metallurgist 3-4/2010

Issue 3-4/2010

Table of Contents ( 21 Articles )

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Current state and prospects of the world steel market

S. Z. Afonin

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Analysis, monitoring, and prediction of the use of secondary sources of iron in recycling society

P. I. Chernousov, A. S. Korotchenko, A. V. Ryabova

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Evaluating the efficiency of using bell-less charging apparatuses on blast furnaces

V. I. Bolshakov

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Optimizing the granulometric composition of solid sintering fuel at the Chelyabinsk metallurgical combine

V. N. Artyushov, N. N. Gorshkov, V. Kh. Barinov, V. A. Andreev, N. P. Myagchenkova, V. I. Danilov, E. Yu. Skorik

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Mass transfer during the treatment of steel in a steel-pouring ladle with cored wire containing a calcium-bearing reagent

V. V. Belousov, V. D. Aleksandrov, A. Ya. Babanin, I. L. Buzun, O. B. Isaev, V. V. Kislitsa

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Exposure of true austenite grains in structural steel

V. M. Chertov

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Formation of unique structures and properties for cast iron during hot metal forming

A. V. Lisovsky, B. A. Romantsev

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Modernizing the production of graphitized electrodes in Russia

V. P. Fokin, I. N. Kalaida, S. V. Ulyanchenko

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Finish plasma-strengthening of tools subjected to friction during metallurgical use

P. A. Topoljansky, N. A. Sosnin, S. A. Ermakov

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Improved experimental device for studying defect formation in structural materials

I. P. Miroshnichenko, A. G. Serkin

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Development of technology for preparing iron oxide pigments

V. B. Kuskov, Ya. V. Kuskova

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Selenium and tellurium: state of the markets, the crisis, and its consequences

A. V. Naumov

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Use of neural-network algorithms in a system that controls the calcining of metallurgical-grade limestone in shaft furnaces

N. I. Koteleva, I. N. Beloglazov, V. O. Golubev

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Mastering the production of iron on a prototype romelt furnace designed for the liquid-phase reduction of iron

A. V. Balasanov, V. G. Verein, A. A. Tupikov, A. B. Usachev

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Production of electric steel with reduced nitrogen content

A. G. Shalimov, A. M. Nemenov

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Energy efficiency of carbon-bearing materials in arc steelmaking furnaces and methods of improving it

G. A. Dorofeev

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Formation mechanism of extra-axial inhomogeneity in steel ingots

F. I. Shved

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Modeling the coagulation and removal of nonmetallic inclusions during the injection of an inert gas into a melt

E. A. Chichkarev

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Comparative analysis of two methods of determining the force parameters in the extrusion of tubes made of stainless steels and alloys

B. V. Barichko, Ya. I. Kosmatskii, M. I. Medvedev

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Setting up the production of shapes made of leaded brasses for parts of standard locks

E. V. Kuzmina, L. M. Zheleznyak, V. L Bushuev, S. V. Fomin

01-07-2010 | Issue 3-4/2010

Production of bundled reinforcement steel by the tension – alternating bending scheme (theory, technology, equipment)

V. A. Kharitonov, A. B. Ivantsov, V. A. Kharitonov

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