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Issue 3-4/2021

Content (29 Articles)

Tests of Briquettes for Mechanical Strength

A. M. Bizhanov, S. A. Zagainov

Formation of Structure and Properties of Low-Carbon Pipe Steel with Ultralow Manganese Content during Thermomechanical Treatment

L. I. Éfron, E. A. Volkova, D. V. Kudashov, D. A. Ringinen, O. A. Bagmet, K. S. Smetanin

Influence of Chemical Composition and Microstructure Parameters of Tubing Steels on their Corrosion Resistance

A. V. Amezhnov, I. G. Rodionova, A. E. Antoshenkov, N. A. Stukalova, Yu. S. Gladchenkova

Production of Aluminum Matrix Composite Material Hardened with Hollow Ceramic Microspheres

A. D. Romanov, E. A. Romanova, E. A. Chernyshov, A. M. Ob’edkov, N. M. Semenov, B. S. Kaverin, I. V. Vilkov

Development of a Method for Reprocessing Technogenic Lead Production Raw Materials to Extract Rhenium and Arsenic

A. K. Serikbaeva, M. Zh. Aimova, K. K. Mamyrbaeva, A. Ch. Busurmanova, B. S. Suleimenova, L. K. Seidalieva

Solutions to the Converter Slag Recycling Problem in Metallurgical Processing

N. B. Aitbaev, E. Kobegen, E. V. Skrazhevskaya, B. M. Boranbaeva

Effect of High Strength Structural Steel Structural State on Fracture Resistance

V. N. Zikeev, O. N. Chevskaya, A. R. Mishet’yan, V. G. Filippov, A. B. Korostelev

Development and Investigation of Piercing Process Using Cooled Guide Shoes

D. A. Orlov, Yu. V. Gamin, A. V. Goncharuk, B. A. Romantscev

Improvement of the Devices for Filling the Crystallizers of Continuous Casting Machines with Liquid Metal

V. I. Odinokov, E. A. Dmitriev, A. I. Evstigneev, S. A. Kuznetsov, A. I. Gornakov, S. Yu. Alexandrov

Automatic Temperature Control System for Electric Resistance Annealing of Steel Welding Wire

O. A. Khrebtova, A. A. Shapoval, D. V. Mos’pan, V. V. Dragobetsky, S. M. Gorbatyuk, O. E. Markov

Improvement of Carbon Steel Scale Resistance by Combined Titanizing and Aluminizing from Multilayer Coatings

A. M. Gur’ev, K. A. Krasnikov, S. A. Zemlyakov, М. А. Gur’ev, S. G. Ivanov

Development of Coatings for Protection of Blast Furnace Air Tuyeres

V. N. Titov, A. I. Ternovikh, P. V. Baranov, T. Yu. Sidorova

Determination of Critical Points of Variable Composition Beta-Solidifying TiAl-Alloy

P. V. Panin, E. A. Lukina, A. S. Kochetkov, A. L. Yakovlev, S. I. Pakhomkin, K. A. Speransky

Optimization of Process Flow Diagrams for Processing of Mineral Wastes

A. D. Bardovsky, S. M. Gorbatyuk, S. V. Albul, N. V. Gorbatyuk

Author Correction

Correction to: Recycling of Cable Products

Yu. N. Loginov, N. N. Zagirov, A. S. Nadol’ko

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