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Metallurgist 3-4/2021

Issue 3-4/2021

Table of Contents ( 29 Articles )

01-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Metallurgist Volume 65, Number 3

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Tests of Briquettes for Mechanical Strength

A. M. Bizhanov, S. A. Zagainov

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Determination of Geometric and Operating Parameters of Device for Spraying Molten Slag in a Dry Slag Granulation Plant

S. V. Lukin, N. I. Shestakov, E. M. Il’icheva, A. V. Fokin

06-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Thermal Aging of High-Strength Corrosion-Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steel and its Thermal Stability

L. A. Pisarevskiy, A. B. Korostelev, G. A. Filippov

19-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Formation of Structure and Properties of Low-Carbon Pipe Steel with Ultralow Manganese Content during Thermomechanical Treatment

L. I. Éfron, E. A. Volkova, D. V. Kudashov, D. A. Ringinen, O. A. Bagmet, K. S. Smetanin

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Influence of Chemical Composition and Microstructure Parameters of Tubing Steels on their Corrosion Resistance

A. V. Amezhnov, I. G. Rodionova, A. E. Antoshenkov, N. A. Stukalova, Yu. S. Gladchenkova

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Analysis of the Specific Features of Wear of the Working Rolls of the Finishing Group of Stands Under Conditions of the 1950 Mill at the Casting-Rolling Complex of the “VMZ” JSC

A. V. Muntin, A. E. Sevidov, S. M. Tikhonov, S. M. Ionov, A. V. Zinoviev, T. A. Labyshkina

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Prospects for the Extensive Application of Hydrogen in Powder Metallurgy

A. S. Akhmetov, J. V. Eremeeva

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Production of Aluminum Matrix Composite Material Hardened with Hollow Ceramic Microspheres

A. D. Romanov, E. A. Romanova, E. A. Chernyshov, A. M. Ob’edkov, N. M. Semenov, B. S. Kaverin, I. V. Vilkov

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Relationship between Mechanical Properties and Nature of Fracture Surface of Powder Steels under High-Temperature Tension

M. S. Egorov, R. V. Egorova

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Development of a Method for Reprocessing Technogenic Lead Production Raw Materials to Extract Rhenium and Arsenic

A. K. Serikbaeva, M. Zh. Aimova, K. K. Mamyrbaeva, A. Ch. Busurmanova, B. S. Suleimenova, L. K. Seidalieva

07-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Solutions to the Converter Slag Recycling Problem in Metallurgical Processing

N. B. Aitbaev, E. Kobegen, E. V. Skrazhevskaya, B. M. Boranbaeva

01-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Metallurgist Volume 65, Number 4

05-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Increasing the Operational Efficiency of Insulation Liners in the Air Passage of Blast-Furnace Tuyeres

E. A. Volkov, A. G. Radyuk, A. L. Terebov, A. E. Titlyanov

05-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Methodology for Development and Testing of Electromagnetic Stirring Systems in Billet and Bloom CCMs

S. I. Shakhov

05-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Effect of High Strength Structural Steel Structural State on Fracture Resistance

V. N. Zikeev, O. N. Chevskaya, A. R. Mishet’yan, V. G. Filippov, A. B. Korostelev

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Development and Investigation of Piercing Process Using Cooled Guide Shoes

D. A. Orlov, Yu. V. Gamin, A. V. Goncharuk, B. A. Romantscev

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Improvement of the Devices for Filling the Crystallizers of Continuous Casting Machines with Liquid Metal

V. I. Odinokov, E. A. Dmitriev, A. I. Evstigneev, S. A. Kuznetsov, A. I. Gornakov, S. Yu. Alexandrov

05-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Application of the Gleeble 3800 System in Developing Hot Pipe Extrusion and Pipe End Upsetting Technologies

Ya. I. Kosmatsky, B. V. Barichko, N. V. Fokin, V. D. Nikolenko

06-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Automatic Temperature Control System for Electric Resistance Annealing of Steel Welding Wire

O. A. Khrebtova, A. A. Shapoval, D. V. Mos’pan, V. V. Dragobetsky, S. M. Gorbatyuk, O. E. Markov

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Development and Study of Conditions for Rolling Brass Sheets with Turning Providing Rolled Product Improved Quality

R. L. Shatalov, A. S. Kalmykov, E. A. Yudin

05-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Improvement of Carbon Steel Scale Resistance by Combined Titanizing and Aluminizing from Multilayer Coatings

A. M. Gur’ev, K. A. Krasnikov, S. A. Zemlyakov, М. А. Gur’ev, S. G. Ivanov

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Development of Coatings for Protection of Blast Furnace Air Tuyeres

V. N. Titov, A. I. Ternovikh, P. V. Baranov, T. Yu. Sidorova

05-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Process Control System for Producing a Silica-Based Modifying Additive

V. A. Ershov, A. I. Karlina, Yu. I. Karlina

08-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Determination of Critical Points of Variable Composition Beta-Solidifying TiAl-Alloy

P. V. Panin, E. A. Lukina, A. S. Kochetkov, A. L. Yakovlev, S. I. Pakhomkin, K. A. Speransky

17-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Optimization of Process Flow Diagrams for Processing of Mineral Wastes

A. D. Bardovsky, S. M. Gorbatyuk, S. V. Albul, N. V. Gorbatyuk

03-07-2021 | Issue 3-4/2021

Establishment of the Temperature Field Model of 72LX Blooms in the Reheating Furnace

D. Xu, L. Guo, X. Wang, B. Zheng, H. Zhao

08-07-2021 | Author Correction | Issue 3-4/2021

Correction to: Recycling of Cable Products

Yu. N. Loginov, N. N. Zagirov, A. S. Nadol’ko

10-07-2021 | Author Correction | Issue 3-4/2021

Correction to: Investigation of the Process of Synthesizing Nanosized Nickel Powders by Hydrogen Reduction under Nonisothermal Conditions

V. M. Nguyen, T. H. Nguyen

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